• I celebrate Christmas.

    I am a Christian who celebrates Christmas but I wouldn't mind celebrating Festivus also. My husband and I looked up Festivus poles on the internet last year. We hadn't realized there really were such things and wondered if they came around before or after Seinfeld. I may buy by a pole next year and have a Festivus for the rest of us party. It sounds like a fun tradition.

  • I celebrate Christmas

    Although I am not a Christian, I celebrate Christmas because it is the traditional holiday of the place I live. There are aspects of Christmas that derive from its religious origin that are worthy, worth remembering and worth practicing. It is a time of peace, goodwill, and joy. I like the music and singing associated with Christmas, especially that in some communities I have lived, it provided for social bonding and friendship. Christmas is more than just a celebration that the shortest day is past, and an excuse to party in winter.

  • No I do not

    I do think the idea of it is very humorous and I do agree that Christmas day does bring a lot of pressures and it gets over commercialized. I do not think I would celebrate Festivus however because it would be a waste of time in my opinion and effort.

  • Rated M for mature

    I don't celebrate it. However, I do believe it would make good video game material LMFAO! A level devote to festifus where Jerry and the gang have a certain amount of time to find the festifus pole until Newman gets his hands on it. It would be perfect. Love it!

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