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  • No, books are not the curse of the human race.

    I have personally never heard anyone at any time call books "the curse of the human race." Books are the primary means by which we have stored knowledge for the past thousand years. Nonfiction books have the ability to teach us literally every skill that man has ever acquired. Fiction books can delight and entertain us and take us to places we can only imagine. Books have been almost exclusively a great thing for the human race.

  • No, books are not a curse

    Books are not a curse for the human race. Books can be read for education, for insights, and for entertainment. While there are probably a lot of worthless books, there are many more books that are widely viewed as priceless, such as the Bible. With the advent of the Kindle and other e-readers, books are more widely collected now than ever before and will continue to be treasured.

  • No, the exact opposite.

    I consider books to be a blessing for the human race. Books are our freedom, our desires and our fantasy come to life. Books are where we go for enjoyment, escape, entertainment and knowledge. Books have inspired many of us to become something, travel somewhere, take up a hobby, or fight for a cause. Books are valuable necessities.

  • No books are needed

    Books are not a curse of the human race, they are essential to survival. Without books we would have a lot less history of what life was like in different times. We would not have as rich of vocabularies or imaginiations. I think books in whatever form they come are essential to us.

  • No, books are not a curse.

    I do not consider books to be the curse of the human race. I think that books are very important for our history and legacy as human beings. They are a great source of information and fantasy. I think that there are a lot of benefits from reading a book.

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