• Chelsea is a whistleblower

    First of all, Chelsea has chosen a new name for herself to properly reflect her true identity as a human being and as a woman. Second of all, Chelsea Manning was not only subject to abuse for her beliefs and her lifestyle in the military, but she also witnessed the abuses that the military was inflicting on other innocent people. She showed the world the true cost of war and she received a prison term.

  • No, Bradley Manning is not a hero.

    I do not think that Bradley Manning is a hero. I think that what Bradley Manning did is a great breach of trust to the United States. He is somebody that should be considered a criminal and enemy of the state. He should be punished for what he did to the full extend of the law.

  • He is no here at all.

    Bradley Manning is not a hero. He released secrets documents that could have put the US government and people in peril. He exposed us in a way that led to foreign governments discovering secrets about the US they should not have been privy to. I am surprised he is not being called out for treason by all of America.

  • No I Do Not

    Bradley Manning released information to the public that was classified by the government much the same as Edward Snowden did. I think these acts are courageous and good for the common citizen because it gives the transparency that was promised by politicians but never provided. I would not consider Bradley Manning a hero.

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