Do you consider feminism to still be relevant (YES), or that a new equality movement is due (NO)?

Asked by: Bloom
  • Yes yes yes

    Definition of Feminism - Equality between genders. Misandry - Female dominance. There is a difference. We females only want the opportunity to get equal wage and opportunity. Currently, we get paid 75c for every $1 in a male counterpart. Rapists (BOTH male and Female) get away with it, and blame the victim (again, male or female) for their actions. Domestic abuse caused by women is often left unnoticed because it was done by the 'weaker' sex. Young girls are still being sold as brides as young as 12, with child birth being a leading cause of child death in poorer countries. Feminism aims to remove that inequality between men and women. To get violence (domestic, rape, etc...) recognized no matter the gender of the victim or the abuser. Tell me that feminism is not relevant when this still happens in all societies today.

  • Feminism is definitely necessary

    There is no doubt that feminism is still necessary, and very relevant to modern times. It will continue to be relevant until all of the genders are truly equal. I believe in equality for all humans, and people that target feminism for being exclusive need to understand that feminism is a sub-category of equality, just one focus of it. We need feminism because in many developing countries, specifically in the Middle East, women do not even have basic human rights. Although the inequality is not as severe here in developed countries such as the US, there is still a large wage gap. On average, women are paid 77 cents for every dollar a man makes for the same exact job. And although the United States ranks 5th for overall development, it ranks 55th for gender equality and empowerment.

  • Feminism is still needed,

    If not in the West then everywhere else (Even though i believe it is still useful to Western societies). Feminism is the belief that men and women are equal. Some people call themselves feminists when in actuality they're misandrists. Misandrists believe that women are better than men. This isn't true feminism. Feminism is useful to peope in developing/ third world countries because it would help women gain freedoms they may not have. Feminism is useful in Western/ First world countries because it tries to fix the problems women and men face in the West. In the Western world men are encouraged to be extra masculine, when they don't present or act this way they are belittled. Women also face harrasment and high levels of rape. These are some of the problems women and men still face world wide.

  • Feminism is definitely relevant.


    It is Emma Watsons inspirational speech about feminism and will show you what feinism really is. Its worth watching. As she says in the speech:

    "I was appointed as Goodwill Ambassador for UN Women six months ago. And, the more I spoke about feminism, the more I realized that fighting for women’s rights has too often become synonymous with man-hating. If there is one thing I know for certain, it is that this has to stop.For the record, feminism by definition is the belief that men and women should have equal rights and opportunities. It is the theory of political, economic and social equality of the sexes."

  • It's abused too much.

    While it's supposed to be for gender equality, feminism is basically being abused. It's being used for things such as "Men can't slap women but women can slap them", "Ladies first", and other generic things like that. There should be a new movement that's not for giving women more rights, but for ensuring both men and women have equal rights.

  • I believe that feminism is alienating.

    Unfortunately I think feminism has too many separate ideologies within the movement (e.G. Liberal, radical) which leads to a lot of disagreement on what the actual term feminism is supposed to mean and fight for. Feminism has also been accused lately of disregarding minority women's voices within the movement, and essentially being a cause working only for the interests of already privileged white western women.

    I believe that feminism cites many false statistics in order to further their political causes and is a danger to the way women perceive men and how men see themselves. It causes unnecessary fear of males and can also lead people to falsely put trust within females even though females too are capable of committing heinous crimes.

    I hope that we as a society can move to a new egalitarian movement so we can address broader issues of inequality within the world.

  • If anything as a starter I would say that it needs a new name.

    One of the most controversial debate when it comes to feminism, is the name itself of the movement, which is in direct contradiction with the message that it's trying to convey.

    If equality of gender is really at the base, then perhaps it is time for the movement to get a name more symbol of equality that one showing gender bias for a start.

    That alone, may force some extremists inside that movement to reconsider their stand, or create a separatist movement emphasizing on feminism (as female superiority), rather than tarnishing the image of the feminists who are trying to advocate equality.

  • Feminism is a cesspool of entitled degenerates

    Feminism is counter-productive to human/societal development. It's almost as if feminists despise humans and biology.

    But there is also the matter of this egalitarian nonsense. Humans are not equal, deal with it. Seriously, are humans so pathetic that they need to delude themselves into believing that everyone is legitimately equal?!

    The only thing that is important is equal opportunity, but that is it.

    [Also, read "Harrison Bergeron"]

  • Not needed potentially never was

    Feminism is no longer needed. If you ask a feminist to Name one legal right that men have that women don't they'll say something moronic like women can't take their braw and shirt off in public simultaneously yelling objectification at a mag with a bikini model.. I can name plenty legal issues that men simply are not treated equally on and it's not some silly battle against Legos or a slut walk or a statiscal fallacy like 1 in three women are raped wich is a lie or wage gap myth that has been proven wrong every time.
    Rape happens to both men and women at equal rates especially when accounting for prison populations.
    Just a few years back men legally couldn't even be considered raped by a women look it up it was on bbc world news and only shown as a info bulletin that's how little they cared they couldn't even send a reporter for Christ sake, it must not have been ratings worthy...
    Men have no equal parenting time presumption in any split they must legally fight to even have a chance at being a visitor to their kids .
    They commit more successful suicide
    They hold the highest number of the worst jobs and most dangerous jobs etc
    Prostate cancer kills more men than breast cancer kills women but guess what barely any attention to prostate cancer in comparison
    I can go on forever
    the point is not to win the oppression Olympics its to show people in general especially feminist for either not acknowledging these problems are valid or blaming it on patriarchy or not seeing how women in US have all the legal rights they need and then some

    one can argue that feminism may be needed in some foreign countries but here's the problem for every girl raped in a foreign country their is a little boy given a hand gun to kill and be killed or to slaved away as a worker doing hard labor sure we can say that men are the ones arming them but guess what? Mothers in those countries encouraging their little boys to die for their country because Allah will bless their whole family you'd see that it's not only the little girls who need help so we don't need feminist per se just human rights activist in foreign countries but if you send feminist to foreign countries you'd need to send mens rights activist to keep things Equally balanced. Sorry for my spelling english is not my first language.. . Equally stick with human rights not the twisted totally incorrect dictionary definition of feminism is btw
    I'm sure many of you would agree that communism isn't good right.? Now go read the definition of communism and be amazed at why I don't take the dictionary definition of feminism too seriously I hope you get it .

  • Feminism no longer retains its original meaning.

    Nowadays, feminists are just women trying to use feminism to justify their own misgivings or mistakes and instead blames it all on other people. Even though feminism was great at first, it slowly twisted into something that now becomes synonymous with blackmail for the other gender. If feminism doesn't go back to its true intentions, then it is time for a new equality movement to arise.

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