• They are normal

    Everyone is a sinner.
    Homosexuals are sinners.
    Homosexuals are in that respect like all others.
    Homosexuals are therefore normal.
    In the Bible, homosexuality is condemned, as it is a sin, so homosexuals are clearly sinners. However, since all have sinned, homosexuals are just like everyone of us. Homosexuals are normal.

  • Why Wouldn't I?

    Homosexual behavior is observable in multiple species, and is just a different type of sexual preference. Some people develop this preference at a remarkably young age, and some people don't develop this preference until later in life. There is nothing abnormal about it; sexual preferences change all the time, and some people just prefer different genders.

  • Yes, they can

    There are many statistics citing different percentages of gay people in the population, but one thing we know for sure is that there is a lot of gay people. There's a good chance that in one decent sized room filled with people, at least one of them is gay. Also, it is believed by many (including experts) that homosexuality is something people born with. With these two things in mind, I think we can say that being gay is normal.

  • They are absolutely normal

    Gay people can like whoever they want.They ahould be themeselves without being told they "are not normal".I don't see anything wrong in liking people from the same sex.It's not like it is forbbiden yk.Why is that even a big topic,like why would you people care which gender do others chose to like?

  • DISCLAIMER (I'm a full gay supporter but i think no and please read to know why)

    It's the way the question is written. BEING gay is a normal thing without a doubt but traditionally gay people are not "normal" since scientifically a man and a woman naturally mate. Being gay is another way of life that people have (not chose). There should be no reason to say that BEING gay isn't normal because love is love no matter what.

  • People are normal

    They are the same as us but they like different people. Gay people have the right to be that way and nothing is to stop them. They are just as intelligent as us straight people and they have every right to be that way. I strongly agree that gay people are normal. The bible has no power.

  • Why wouldn't I?

    I've read the section of no and I only have one word. Really? You're using the Bible to defend your argument? To be honest unless you can come up with one more reason I won't even consider reading your opinion. The man who has only read one book is the most dangerous of all. Second of all, the Bible has listed numerous things as sins. There is hardly anything that you can do without sinning. Stop using that as an excuse. Homosexuality occurs in many species and actually contributes to the animal kingdom. Don't judge homosexuals for loving the people they love. It is not a choice. ( Also stop talking about gays like they are a different species, these are people we are talking about here)

  • Bare with me

    I don't consider homosexuals as normal but I don't consider heterosexuals as normal because there is no just things as universally normal when it comes to human behavior. What is normal changes from country and culture and generation therefore nothing is "normal". Why would anyone want to be normal anyway? Normal is boring.

    Posted by: NSW
  • Love = love

    The butterflies in your tummy, the whirlwind within your head, the sweaty palms. The giddy feeling when you talk to them or the way your heart pounds and you go a little dizzy when they laugh or smile.

    That is the same feeling for everyone- it is a normal feeling. No matter their gender.

  • I don't see why people even care

    I personally think that all of this rubbish about being straight or gay is really unneeded bullying and insults that basically says that because you like a gender more than another, you are a bad person who should be punished. I think that it should be okay to be gay, it doesn't affect or hurt anyone else, just like straight relationships

  • No freaking way

    Gay is not something you are born with, no matter what anyone says. It is a decision. Deciding to be gay is going against everything you have ever believed in. It is going against God. The devil is trying to trick you into seeing and believing things are false. .

  • Define "Normal" .

    Using Dictionary.Com's medical definition:

    "Conforming with, adhering to, or constituting a norm, standard, pattern, level, or type; typical."

    Then no. But, if you look at pretty much all of other definitions, such as

    "free from any infection or other form of disease or malformation, or from experimental therapy or manipulation"

    "of natural occurrence."

    "Functioning or occurring in a natural way; lacking observable abnormalities or deficiencies."

    Then yes. But using the first definition, you can call a scientist "not normal" because an average person is not a scientist.

    But don't take my word for it:


  • No they are not.

    Homosexuality and homosexuals go against all standards of morality and decency. It is a disgusting, filthy perversion and is a sign of the times when there are people walking around trying to defend it. It goes against God's will and is therefore a sin. Homosexuals should repent and ask the Lord for forgiveness and help.

  • It's hard to explain but will try.

    As growing up, I only saw my mom and dad together. Even the years before it always been a man and a woman. Now, the "new and modern" "new ways to love". At one point in my life I thought I was gay for having a crush on a classmate. But I later realized i was going through puberty. I was finding out about my sexuality. High school students and middle school students should have counseling about their sexuality. Because they are going through puberty they need good role models in their life bc they are growing and they are watching. They are finding out about their sexuality. I am straight and am happy. Because if I were to become gay, I would of been unhappy About my own body.

  • I wanna be a vampire, but the norm is.. Im not

    When u say normal. It is what's common. It is what's natural.
    The person who has a penis should act as a man and the one with a vagina should act like a woman. A boy who acts like he's a vampire stops until he realizes he's just playing /acting. So why cant that kid be a vanpire? Coz the reality is, he is not -he is a boy.
    So if a someone who tries to act what he is not has some psychologically issues.

  • They are not normal but should be respected.

    I believe that homosexuality isn't normal nor natural but I don't plan on going against them as they are humans too. In conclusion I am not for homosexuality nor against it so you could say I am neutral, humans are humans and they should all be treated the same. Dylan

  • No they are not.

    Homosexuality is a disgusting, filthy, abominable perversion; I don't care what liberals and left wingers say. Their opinions do not matter to me. The truth is, homosexuality goes against the universal standards of morality and decency, and the promoters of it should feel ashamed for the damage they do to homosexuals and society. Homosexuals should repent and ask the Lord for forgiveness and help.

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