• Yes I think it's pretty cool

    Come on now. They got some pretty good AC's so it's actually cool, especially in the summer when it's hot outside and got no where to go. We all have to admit that it isn't cooler than the Himalayas but when you got no where else to cool down... Go to McDonalds. Oh and by the way, don't buy any food there.

  • McDonald's is gross

    I don't know who would want to eat mashed up animal faces and chicken feet. Who would support the factory farms and what they do to those poor animals. McDonald's is unhealthy, cruel and down right gross. Just typing about it makes me feel sick. Now that I've typed this im gonna go drink some water so I don't throw up thinking about it.

  • No it's actually pretty lame

    If you want good burgers and fries Wendy's is better. Rally's is even better. Or even way better go to a burger restaurant or really just any restaurant that isn't part of a national or international chain or if it is it is not fast food and the burgers will always be better than all of the above! McDonald's food is BORING!!! Maybe it was fun when I was 5 BUT seriously the food sucks. I think most people only eat McDonald's out of habit and if they seriously thought about it they'd realize they'd rather eat at other places.

    McDonald's. Who needs them.

  • Very gross food.

    Gross food, horrible conditions, it's just unsanitary. It's disgusting. Not to mention the food causes obesity and other problems for health. Why is this question even on here. Of course McDonald's isn't cool, it's just gross. Just like Wendy's, Burger King, and all other fast food establishments in this world.

  • F--k no! It's the lowest of the low

    I don't get these celebrities in Hollywood these days that worked there (like Seal and Moesha, I think) or any fast food place for that, who think it was hip? What is this crap we see today where it's glorified almost all the time now? "Coming to America" is one of the movie that glorified this place (albelt in the form of McDowell's). Damn, the ghetto mentality is getting stronger each year.
    To think that Donald Trump endorsed this place. Lol

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