Do you consider respect to be one of the most important attitudes to have in a debate?

Asked by: mishapqueen
  • Respectful people are absolutely needed in an environment!

    Without respect in an environment, there is no pure positive vibe threw-out the environment. Respect has a bug impact on everyone. It not only
    helps get rid of bullies, but it also shows trust within someone. If respect was non-existing, the world would be a big old huge mess of a thing.

  • Respect is absolutely necessary, even if its a little bit.

    One of the key points of a debate is to listen to your opponent's arguments and refute them. A debater who's able to do this not only shows respect to his/her opponent but also proves to be much more mature; after all, it's just a debate, and unless there's something big at stake, there's no reason not to show respect.

    Being respectful in a debate gets you far, because not only does your opponent (and any watchers) gain respect for you, you also might have a much more fun debate.

  • Respect prevents offending the other person and lets you focus on the arguments.

    Respect in a debate is key because it shows value for the other person and keeps the debate fun for everyone. Insults derail the conversation and do not foster good argumentation. Respect maintains good discussion because it prevents the environment from becoming unsafe to be in. Even if you are close-minded on a topic, as long as you are respectful, you can have a great debate during which everyone has fun.

  • No, I Do Not

    Respect is important, no doubt. Without respect, a debate would be a bunch of people just yelling at each other... Kind of like Congress. However, open-mindedness is the most important thing to have in a debate. How can a debate ever end if no one is willing to look at the facts and possibly leave their own beliefs behind?

  • Respect the Person

    First off, let me say that any given person's ideas are not necessarily deserving of respect. Having said that, the people generally are. However, when it comes to a debate, respect must take a back seat to reasoned arguments and evidence. Unless the disrespect gets to a point where it detracts from one's ability to follow the arguments, it should really be a non-factor.

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