Do you consider "she got practice" to be a VERY dirty sexual slang?

Asked by: Adam2
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  • No not really.

    I never even heard anyone say that before in my life but could just be the type of people I hang out with are reasonably respectful to others and to women. I do not think it is that bad though, disrespectful but there is worse things out there that could be said.

  • I don't consider "she got practice" dirty.

    I don't consider "she got practice" dirty sexual slang at all. I didn't even think it to be sexual until I finished reading the sentence. It isn't overtly sexual in meaning, and even knowing how it is intended, it is somewhat chaste in comparison to other phrases that could be used.

  • It's not very dirty.

    But it does sound like something a 14 year old virgin would say because he thinks it is dirty. If I heard that coming out of the mouth of an adult, I would have to seriously appraise their maturity and education levels. Not to mention that the phrase just give me a grammatical migraine.

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