• It's a good thing.

    I don't think that because it's English it's a good thing, I just think there should be an international language that everyone speaks. This makes travel much more easy and less intimidating. It's hard to go to another country where no one understands a word you're saying, and vice versa.

  • Good To Communicate On One Level

    Communication is very important to keeping the piece. Some people worry that other languages will become obsolete one day. That does not have to be the case, if people do not want it to be. For now, everyone uses their own language still, and there should be nothing to worry about.

  • It's A Good Thing

    I believe the widespread use of English is a good thing. I believe the world needs a single language so that everyone can communicate without a whole bunch of translators. I think English is a good language for this and I am glad that it is the language that I speak.

  • We can communica.te

    Yes, I consider the widespread use of English a good thing, because it makes it much easier to do business with other nations. It also makes it much easier for Americans or other native English speakers to travel around the world. Things are much easier when we can all communicate easily.

  • Widespread use of English can lead to many languages dying out.

    I believe that while many people using English is a good thing, overall, the widespread use of English does not allow multiculturalism. In a time where people can be open to learning about new cultures and things, some languages become dead, and the people who do know these languages are dying out (like many languages used by Native Americans). Also, the use of English promotes assimilation towards one specific point of view, instead of allowing some languages to flourish and grow.

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