Do you consider yourself an extrovert (yes) or an introvert (no)?

  • Im an extrovert

    I love going out of my way to talk to people,but I am in sales. If you can't connect with someone on a personal level, its not going to be a sale. The world is just full of fun places and cool people to talk to,but if you don't do anything your not going to see it.

  • I'm An Introvert

    I consider myself to be an introvert. For the most part I have personally lost faith in humanity. I was brought up in a world where I was taught that working hard gets you further in life. This has turned out to be morbidly false when considering the American job market. I was brought up in a world where my parents told my life was fair. That is clearly not true. I generally expect honesty and trustworthiness from people and I have been shown that many people aren't even capable of that. I prefer to stay to myself, that way I'm not disappointed as often.

  • I consider myself an introvert

    I consider myself an introvert. The reason is because I am very quiet and at times a lot more in my head than other individuals. I am also very creative and have extraordinary artistic, music, and other abilities that makes me a introvert. Introverts are very valuable to our society because we add the flavor, passion and drive that brings enjoyment to many people. Enjoyments such as movies, art, music and much more.

  • I'm very introverted.

    I am definitely an introvert. I like books. I like to do specific activities by myself. I love getting lost in a book or movie. I also like to socialize. Love it, actually. Just not too much of it. It wears me out and I need to recharge. Introverts have a bad wrap.

  • I am an introvert.

    Primarily, I consider myself an introvert. I feel uncomfortable in situations where there are people that I am not familiar. Most people would not know that I am an introvert because even in uncomfortable situations, I appear talkative and outgoing. Inside, I am squirming and sweating. I prefer to be in comfortable surroundings with people that I know well.

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