• Am I Poor?

    Do I consider myself poor? It is hard for me to acknowledge this but right now I do consider myself poor... because I am poor. I never thought of myself that way previously and never before thought there would come a time when I would consider myself poor. I I have been looking for a permanent job for over a year and have only found temporary fill in work. Here it is, poverty. I am not totally without resources but cannot at this time access them. On paper I am not poor but in actuality right now I am poor and desperately looking for a job. Jobs seem to be harder to come by now than I have ever known them to be. I think a lot of people are in this situation right now. Yet I do not hear anyone in the government decrying the dire emergency in which a large part of the work force now finds itself. It is a difficult situation and one I am hoping to climb out of with perseverance and luck. I hope everybody finds a way to climb out of this poverty.

  • I have the necessities.

    I don't consider myself poor at all. Would I like to have more money? Short answer yes. However, I can provide for my family. We have food, shelter, and water. I do also have some luxuries (i.e. TV, Internet). I may not be rich but certainly I am not poor.

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