Do you continue to love your addicted person unconditionally?

Asked by: debatemoez
  • Offer Unconditional Education

    It's quite possible to demonstrate your love and at the same time remain firm in the position that addiction leads to premature death. How is it that we have seen that repetition of work and pointless servitude leads to chronic health care problems and mental illness but we still continue to punish addicts for self-medication in a world where health care is not a right and so many are underprivileged? It's absolutely essential that those closest to addicts are encouraged to seek information and are provided that information without obstacle so that they might promote self-improvement and self-sustainment over self-medication in the people they love by nature and by human history. We can only fully evolve if we continue to love our family and our people without judgment imposed by biased media and institutions of indoctrination.

  • Unconditionally is a little too much like enabling

    The addict will continue to search for its DOC until they are ready, willing and, able to quit. If you continue to admire their efforts, and allow them to make their mistakes and if you keep reaching out them with open arms with hope in your eyes, they will continue to speak the lies you want to hear so that they may continue to use in peace.

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