• Ridiculous thought from psycho control freak.

    For one if we needed or designed to were one it would have been genetically evolved into not us.
    The psycho control freaks that support such a ludicrous and highly criminal approach to control the human life needs to be studied so the good of humanity can easily identify these monsters and treat them at an early stage.
    Robots tracked and shut down yes, crazy to think us humans will tolerate such.......
    Unless off course the psycho people fore the idea chip them selves purely for ID and tracking purpose along as being fuel and food when selected randomly for the robots and strictly no currency used via the chip with 3 strikes penalty followed by the chip self detonating KABOOM!!

  • Yes i do disagree

    The mark of the beast is basically a chip that everyone will be forced to take.If he doesn't he can't buy or sell which will cause him to die.If you take it you lose your soul.The dictator of the world will know where you are exactly like the chips people put on dogs so they can find them.You won't be able to go against the decicions of the global tyrrant because if you do you will either die by nano bots from the chip or they will just hack your chip and you will have no money.You lose your soul and freedom.We should only use real money instead of virtual money.Virtual money should be banned for this and another reason.They give power to the privatly own federal reserve to control the state and influence the world making states owe more and more.Many countries have already payed of their debt over 100 times and they still owe them.

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