• It's their fault

    I know some people are overweight because of genetics, but the fact that genetics can be overcome proves that it is the fault of the person. I see overweight people all of the time say "Oh, I have a slow metabolism" or "Oh, I don't have very good genes as far as body type", but I have seen firsthand that slow metabolism and genetics can be overcome. My best friend's family is all overweight with every family member going back 3 generations. I went to a party he had where all of his family showed up and it looked like a fat person convention, but my friend himself is the most athletic person I have ever been friends with. He is 5'11" and can dunk in basketball, runs 7-10 miles every day, has gone to states for cross county running and track, and has won the "Most Athletic" yearbook voting 6 consecutive years. So yeah, bad genes can be overcome. If somebody is overweight and is dedicated to fixing it, then I salute them, but I have no respect for someone who is too lazy to do something about it.

  • It is actually quite different entirely than racism

    I was fat at one point, so I put in time for diet and exercise. Not only are they gluttonous and over-consuming the ever-dwindling food supply of the world, but they hog the carts at Walmart so that actual cripples can't use them! At least for most fat wads it is entirely their fault, no need in blame-shifting. I believe there is a medical condition in which even if a person eats the recommended calories for the day and exercises, the weight of that person rises ridiculously due to an excessive growth gland stimulation. However, they don't live long anyway, so it's safer to assume all obese adults bring it upon themselves for not having control of their own minds or bodies. I don't think I want to be a murder and lead anyone to commit suiside, but simply making fun of a fat person typically isn't the EXACT reason he/she would commit suicide, but rather it would be a snowball in an avalanche. Even if it is entirely my words that finally pushed a fatty over the edge, it actually ISN'T MURDER. It's not even assisting suicide... If it was murder there would surely be some prison waiting for ya

  • I have overweight friends, but.....

    I have overweight friends, but I associate excess weight with greed, laziness, a lack of discipline and a lack of self respect, so if I had to choose between hiring an overweight and a normal weight candidate with the same skills for the same position, I would choose the latter.

  • Stop beeing fat

    I hate how fat people complain about their obesety. It was your choise to sit on your ass and eat fast food 24/7. So its your fault youre fat. Well there is not anymore things that need to be said so l l l l l l ll l l l

  • They're lazy,ugly,and they take up space

    Every time I've been on an airplane a fat person has bitched about how the seats are too small,in gym class the fat chicks are lazy,and let's face it people, if you're obese,chances are youll end up paying someone to get married. This is my supporting argument. Thanks peps. LiffDaddy signing out

  • Yes, I really dislike fat people.

    I grew up in a skinny, healthy family. I was never fed fast food, junk food, candy, soda, etc., and I was fed whole grains,fruits and vegetables each day. 20 years later, I took blood tests and they were all outstanding. I had only 15% body fat and was in perfect health, felt amazing. It's sad we live in a world that is accepting fat people more and more each day as everyone become it themselves, as they are NOT taking care of themselves. They're overweight NOT because of genetics, and NOT because it's just muscle. People, stop standing up for fat people and mind your own business.

  • Yes I do

    Fat people expect people to respect them but they lost respect for themselves. I'm not taking away there rights as a human. I personally see potential in everyone to take care of themselves no matter the cost. Body first, then everything else. And this not for the people who have illnesses, this is specifically for the ones that can help themselves. Obese people all have this mindset that their weight has nothing to do with any body else when it does. For the obese parents being inconsiderate of the fact that they have nieces, nephews, sons or daughters that look up to them and then grow up to be just as unhealthy. For the obese brothers and sisters, THEY HAVE A FAMILY THAT CARES FOR THEM. Nobody wants to worry about a family member dealing with weight issues that ends up in the hospital because they couldn't simply stay active. Now when they grow old, now they have to be carefully watched for their last days on the planet because of high blood pressure, shortage of breath, heart attacks,lower back problems etc. the point is when people don't care of themselves, they're not thinking about the worries they put their family and friends through, the money they have to spend to take care of them is ridiculous. All because they lack responsibility, wisdom, and discipline for themselves. Yeah Sure they're wise enough to go to work, responsible enough to pay bills and even disciplined enough to do it everyday but they put more energy and time into a company that will prevail without them, that dosen't even care for them,why? Because thats the easy thing to do, to not care for yourself or others around you. Why people even try to defend laziness on any level is beyond discrimination! People who defend that and stand on the side-lines and watch people stay unhealthy, are the same people who supports self-destruction mentally and physically. Who cares? Their family and friends do. Is laziness the same as somebody who works to stay healthy? NO. Nobody's the same as anybody.I'm going to make myself clear I don't Discriminate against them, I discriminate against their life choices.

  • Its just mean!

    Its exactly like racism. How would you feel if you were them. How about if they were born like that! How about if that was your best friend go in there position, how would you feel! Though just a lol some people say it doesnt matter cause they are jelly filled. But thats a mean but lol joke. But no they have feeling everything and everyone does. Sometimes they commit suiside and if you called them fat or discriminated them then that technicaly is murder. You dont want to be a murder.

  • Help:Yes Discrimination: No

    Firstly, I'd like to say its not 'just like racism'. It is largely the fault of the person involved, a black man has no control over his colour. Also fat people (in the UK) cost the government a lot of taxpayer's money. However, discrimination is nether the right way to go. It depresses people and may cause them to get worse, for example, if people discriminate you will be scared to go out in public which is really the only place you will get the exercise you need. Love and acceptance is crucial to solving this problem which I assume we all want.

  • Of course not and furthermore...

    As much as you might want to laugh at a fat person walking down the street, you have to give them some respect. I mean, in this day in age where everyone wants to be something different, crossing between all kinds of different identities, fat people are the only ones who are just content with what they are. In addition, they are often really decent people (if they're not the crazy ones).

  • Completely wrong to discriminate someone because of what they look like.

    It may be their fault that they are "fat" but it is not fair for someone else who doesn't know their story to discriminate them. Think about how you would feel if you were overweight and someone teased you because of it? It is not all about what you look like, it is about what is on the inside. Don't judge a book by its cover.

  • What if they were born that way?

    Even if they weren't, it's not your body, it's their personal business and even if they aren't taking care of themselves, why should their body type depict what kind of person they are? We're all human, and every body shape should be accepted. Skinny, fat, average, who cares? Obesity and anorexia are two issues we should be focusing on, but without discriminating against someone. Not taking care of your body can be unhealthy, you can eat a bunch of junk, and you may not be very skinny. That's not a good thing. You can be on the heavier side, but perfectly healthy, so there's nothing wrong with that. As long as you're healthy, stop judging people who are fat or skinny saying "You need a salad or you need a hamburger." Get a life, start taking care of your own diet, being fat isn't what makes America what it is, but ass holes like you that can't simply be accepting of all kinds of people.

  • "A person is a person, no matter how small" -Dr. Seuss

    Height may not be involved in this type of topic, but a person is a person, whether gay or lesbian, black or white, tall or small, chubby or skinny; we should treat each other like a friend. People may not seem to what you presume to think of them until you know and understand them.

  • Discrimination is wrong in any situation

    Black or White, Gay or Straight, Boy or Girl and Fat or Skinny... A human is a human and should be treated as such. Many people face health related issues at some point in their life, in fact, about 1/3 of the U.S. population is considered to be obese. Gaining weight is easy to do, things such as stress/anxiety, lack of activity, pregnancy and aging can cause weight gain. These individuals may not feel motivated to lose weight or do not have the time or money to complete daily fitness routines, on top of that, their are many individuals who cannot lose weight due to medically related issues. Some examples of conditions that can cause weight gain are hyperthyroidism, dysthymia, and cushing syndrome. If an individual with one of these conditions is discriminated against and made to feel worse about themselves, their condition can become worse and their weight gain can begin to spiral out of control. When you look at a large man or women, you should consider all the struggles they've faced with their weight and not assume they are "gluttonous" or "pigs", they deserve the same amount of respect as any other individual.

  • Who cares if they're fat?

    We should not judge nor discriminate others, no matter if they're skinny or fat or ugly. Some fat people may be fine with who they are, or some may be working to burn fat. The point is, they are humans and besides their weight, they are just the same as the rest of us.

  • Discrimination is low.

    Discrimination is easy to do, you make quick judgements without much effort or thought. But acting upon them is "low" of humans. As majority of them tend to do subconsciously or consciously. It just takes more effort to not to discriminate as well as time and energy. From my experience I have a good amount of "fat" people for friends and I can empathize with them. Besides some "fat" bullies. Basically, its normal to discriminate, but not the wisest.

  • It doesnt matter if they are fat.

    I have tons of friends of mine who are fat, and they are good, kind, funny people. Sometimes, you can't control if you are fat, doe to toe American Parasite(Watch the Youtube video). They are still people who have feeling, and deserve kindness and support like any other human being.

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noahph says2015-01-06T03:44:07.263
How big are we talking about? 75LBS over is different than 200LBS over.
66Piez says2015-01-06T03:48:50.697
Well, I would think 75lbs is lightweight for some adults. I don't know how to specify fat, but I would think around 300lbs or whatever you think would count as obese.