• Yes, I eat meat

    I get the arguments of vegetarians that it is 'cruel' and that we can live off of plants alone. However, many proteins that can't be found in plants are found in meat- and some are a lot more common in meat then plants. Regardless of what vegetarians say, there ARE several chemicals that we need that are only found in meats, which a simple Google search will tell you and there are all those animals out there. Like it or not, humans have mass produced them for slaughter and if we don't eat them they're just going to rot there and pollute the earth more then it already is. Humans have adapted to like meat because we had to eat it to survive at one point. I think that more then sums up our evolution to eat it. Carnivores kill for food, so why can't humans? Sure, they need it- we don't necessarily, but its the same amount of cruelty either way. What, because we're civilized? Please, humans are still animals biologically and at a basic level and we eat meat. It doesn't matter what anyone thinks- we eat meat, and we're going to keep eating it.

  • The Best Part of Any Meal

    Most kinds of meat are fantastic! It comes in all shapes, sizes, and tastes, and are even better when in groups! You add meat to anything and it will almost always be better for it (maybe not calorie-wise, but taste-wise, it's fantastic). Proteins make for stronger muscles, and it doesn't get any more protein-y that meat!

  • Well...What I think is...

    A lot of nonmeat eater arguments i see are,"animals have lives too." Everything's gonna die and get eaten soon or later, by vultures, bacteria, us, etc...

    Also, they bring up how cruelty they are treated before slaughtered. If I raise hens in a healthy, safe, clean environment and not kill the male chicks alive, would that make you feel better?

    Besides, not eating meat isnt gonna save them really. Just make it cheaper for us because of less demand.
    And Im not trying to offend anyone! That's just my opinion! Say whatever you feel!

  • I do not.....

    I don't eat meat because I do not find it to be good. Especially red meat or pork because red meat and pork comes from mammals and humans are also mammals. I feel that it is a form of cannibals in some sort.... Maybe I'm just thinking to far into it. Other than the feeling of cannibalism, it just doesn't settle with me to well.

  • Eating meat makes a lot of sense.

    I eat meat primarily because it tastes good. However, there are many reasons why eating meat is essential to ones survival and health. Eating meat is one of the only ways humans can get the essential fatty acids, amino acids, and protein that they need to sustain their growth and development. The argument that those nutrients can be obtained through vegetables alone is incorrect. Nearly all vegetarians are deficient in one or more nutrients, and this can lead to some serious effects, primarily in fetal development and childhood, where the most protein is required to sustain growth.

    That is not to say that meat as it is consumed today is too healthy. Much of the meat we eat comes from animals that are not well nourished themselves, leading to high amounts of fat and omega 6 fatty acids, which promote inflammation and the buildup of cholesterol. In other words, while meat is required for health in humans, the quality of the meat is a very important factor.

    There are many evolutionary arguments in favor of the fact that humans have developed a need for a diet consisting in part of meet. The fact that we have a shrunken appendix and shorter intestinal tract indicates that there has been little selective pressure to maintain our ancestrally longer tract and larger appendix, leading to a reduction in size over time. This indicates that humans have switched to a diet of high quality plants (fruits and tubers) or meat. The requirement for meat is factored in when one considers that the development of a childs brain requires an enormous amount of protein, and that those levels of protein are only found in meat where our ancestors were located. This, combined with anthropological finds such as animal bones and drawings, leads us to conclude that meat was an important part of our ancestral diet.

    As far as I see it, the only real arguments against eating meat are cruelty and resource requirements. In many countries, the treatment of livestock is awful, leading to animal suffering and even less nutritious meat. That, and the type of livestock we grow generally require large amounts of space and water, which are in limited supply.

    In summary:
    +Meat tastes great
    +Meat is required for healthy human development
    +Evolutionary evidence supports the need for meat
    -The treatment of livestock is generally poor in high volume farms
    -The nutritional value of poorly fed livestock is poor, and in some cases slightly toxic (high omega 6 fatty acid content).
    -Livestock such as cattle require high amounts of resources compared to the nutrients they provide vs fish and poultry.

  • Is there a problem with it?

    Meat is by far the best part of the meal. It tastes good and is usually the most filling. Vegetarians sometimes argue that eating meat is wrong because we are eating animals. Well, animals eat other animals. It's human nature. I understand if you are allergic to meat. But there is no problem with meat. It's also one of the primary sources of protein, which is necessary for survival.

  • I do not eat meat

    Being vegetarian is healthier than eating meat in almost every area. Eating meat especially steak is illegal in many states, since many meats contain trans fats and the government does not even care. There is also no point in eating meat, since you can get as much protein eating beans, and vegetables have 10x nutrients than meat does. If you eat meat, then you also support torturing animals, go take a look at a slaughter house video on youtube.

  • Nope, I don't

    I am a vegetarian and have been since I was around 9 - 10 years old (I am currently 16). What converted me to being a vegetarian was actually a video I watched on Youtube (as easily swayed as that sounds lol). The video is called "30 reasons to become a vegetarian". It may not sway everyone but it worked for me. I don't like the idea of animals dying so that I can eat them. Plus, I am just so used to not eating meat, it's just habitual now. I am not against other people for eating meat and would never force my views down other's throats.

  • Yes I am vegetarian

    I first became vegetarian at age 19 because it was really the first time I considered being on the other side of that chomp of flesh. As time went on I would go through phases of vegetarianism and eating meat. After a long struggle with eating meat I have reached a point where it is no longer appetizing. A large part of my progress to this point has been due to Buddhism. About a year ago my reverence to the Buddha caused me to dedicate my vegetarianism to his religion. This is not to say it is also not due to my dedication to conscious beings, but that it is a big reason I am vegetarian and I am further committing myself through Siddhartha. By the way FluffBucket, it would make this vegetarian feel better if animals were simply treated more humanely before they were sacrificed for food. Even better would be to become vegetarian yourself, and if you cannot do this any compassion for animals used for food will improve those animals' lives.

  • I was a vegetarian since I was 3

    I don't enjoy the cruelty to animals for food. Besides, meat can also affect health and the environment. I need 32 more words so I will say that meat industries had caused global warming way more than all transport combined in the world. Also veggies live longer than meat eaters.

  • I'm a vegetarian

    I have been a vegetarian since I was 11. I became vegetarian because I love animals and it would be hypocritical to say that while I eat them, even when I don't need to for survival. Animals have distinct personalities and families. They feel pain. I don't think an animal lover can eat them when they don't need to. Factory farms do terrible things to them. I can't be an animal lover and contribute to such horror.

  • I do not.....

    I don't eat meat because I do not find it to be good. Especially red meat or pork because red meat and pork comes from mammals and humans are also mammals. I feel that it is a form of cannibals in some sort.... Maybe I'm just thinking to far into it. Other than the feeling of cannibalism, it just doesn't settle with me to well.

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Vajrasattva-LeRoy says2014-12-24T20:09:47.637
The human body is designed to be omnivorous.

The 4 Noble Truths of Buddhism are wrong, & deliberate suicide.
There's no such thing as an "ordinary life" .
It's not real life that's filled with suffering, disease, sickness, death, etc.
That's all Maya- illusion.