• Don't be ignorant.

    Any fertile straight couple can conceive a child. Any fertile man and any fertile woman have the right to go out, no matter if they're a sociopathic rapist, and have a child. They may be the most awful parents in the world that beat and starve their child, but they can still be parents.
    Gay couples have to actively plan parenthood months in advance. That's if they're accepted. Every child raised by gay parents is WANTED. No accidental babies that have horrible childhoods due to unprepared and immature parents.
    Gay people are the same as straight people where it matters. We are all human beings with hearts, souls, and skeletons, and we all deserve the same rights, no matter what.

  • Yes of course

    Why would anyone not? I support anyone willing to adopt children and give them a chance to be a part of a family, what greater gift could one give? I support gay adoption, straight adoption, single parent adoption, anything adoption, as long as the children are happy, healthy and loved.

  • Some amazing parents!

    You are brave even to adopt and you are a straight couple. There are so many reasons adoption is good by it self, but there are even more reasons to adopt if you are gay. One of the mane reasons is because you teach the child to be more accepting of others.

  • Yes of course

    Every abandoned child deserves a loving family I support anyone willing to adopt children and give them a chance to be a part of a family, what greater gift could one give? I support gay adoption, straight adoption, single parent adoption, anything adoption, as long as the children are happy, healthy and loved.

  • Loving family's don't have to be straight.

    You should be able to love who you want and have a family with whom you want. People should't have to feel left out of being happy just because of their sexual orientation. I personally know a few homosexual parents and I must say that they are amazing at parenting and providing a good, respectful and kind environment for their children. I am all for gay marriage, adoption and family's.

  • It's no different

    Danielle Chamberlain
    Do you endorse Gay adoption?
    Gay marriage and adoption should be supported. I agree with Kayhat when she said “Gay couples have to actively plan parenthood months in advance. That's if they're accepted. Every child raised by gay parents is WANTED. No accidental babies that have horrible childhoods due to unprepared and immature parents.” Gay couples who want to adopt have to want them, they have to go through a very long, hard, emotional, ongoing process to adopt a child, they have to understand that once you are finally approved to adopt a child, pick one and take their new son/daughter home, it doesn’t end there. To go through the process of adopting and raising a child takes extreme commitment and love. Some straight couples do not want their child and will hurt them or give them away, so why not let them by raised by two men or woman that want them?
    Other people believe homosexuality is a sin against God. Many people this this because of a quote from the bible; If a man lies with a male as he lies with a woman, both of them have committed an abomination. They shall surely be put to death. Their blood shalt be put upon them. (NKJ, Leviticus, 20:13) That quote was in the Old Testament, before the “Messiah” had come. In the New testament, Jesus had condemned all immoral forms of sexuality, “ He went on: “What comes out of a person is what defiles them. For it is from within, out of a person’s heart, that evil thoughts come—sexual immorality, theft, murder, adultery, greed, malice, deceit, lewdness, envy, slander, arrogance and folly. All these evils come from inside and defile a person.” (Mark 7:20-23) You’ll notice that homosexuality isn’t mentioned at all. All throughout the bible, Jesus never says anything against homosexuality.
    Understandably. Some people think it will hurt the child, not having both a mother and a father; it is honestly no different from having a single mother or father. They raise their children without the other parent, having gay parents is the same, except they have more support and another parental figure.
    According to Same-sex couples raising adopted children are older; more educated and have more economic resources than other adoptive parents. An estimated 65,500 adopted American children are living with a lesbian or gay parent.
    If a Man and a woman love each other enough to get married, and want a child but cannot have one, and they adopt a child together they get no ridicule. Gay couples are exactly alike; the only difference is their Gender. We should endorse gay adoption because it is exactly the same as a heterosexual couple adopting, therefor it should be treated the same.

  • I absolutely endorse gay adoption.

    There is absolutely nothing wrong with two parents of the same sex. The interesting thing on the other side of the argument is that we should outlaw abortion and force mothers to place their children in adoption programs. Also, we should also dictate who can adopt the children. To me, it makes no sense to place so many restraints on same sex adoption.

    Posted by: pln
  • Yes I do endorse gay adoption

    Think of all the children in America who just want homes. Whose parents have abandoned them or aren't alive. Those kids just want to be loved. They want someone to care for them and to deny a child care, because of sexual orientation is morally wrong. It's sad how simple minded people can be.

  • It Is Only Correct

    I have no problems with homosexuality, and it should be protected by the 9th amendment. I do not think that more gay adoption will result in an increase in homosexuality, since you are born lesbian/gay/bisexual or straight. Societies that have treated gays with the same respect as straight people have shown signs of developing and strong economies, so we need more gays!!!!

  • A Position of Compassion

    So consider the way society views a heterosexual couple that cannot have children... Is it not that of pity rather than condemnation? We would feel pity because it is not a circumstance one who wants children would want for themselves. We don't see this heterosexual couple as having a debt canceled but rather they have to give up a beautiful part of life. Being consistent means that homosexual couples should be pitied for not being able to have children. Now what is immoral is purposely preventing anyone from experiencing joy in life. Immorality in this regard is in the customs and beliefs that prevent gay and lesbian couples adopting families.

  • Homosexual parents may trigger homosexuality in children

    Homosexuality is caused by a biological situation plus a psychological trigger. If either is absent, someone doesn't become a homosexual.

    However, while more research is necessary, the presence of two homosexual parents may be more likely to cause events which are a psychological trigger in the children.

    Those who support the homosexual agenda probably see nothing wrong with this - more homosexuals aren't a bad thing in their mind.

    However, homosexuality is not a beneficial behavior, in both nature or human society. In nature, there is no reproduction for those who do not engage in heterosexual intercourse. In human society, nothing is gained by choosing to follow homosexual desires, but much can be lost both socially and biologically.

  • Children are more comfortable with a mother and a father.

    I don't really care if gays marry, but research shows that kids are more comfortable in a traditional family. I don't support gays being discriminated against as long as they are doing things that only affect them self's (marry, being in the army etc) but they lose my sympathy in the case of child adoption.

  • For the people that need enlightenment :

    Morally Man and women were MADE to form a family and to raise their children on the right path , Do not be ignorant: Over the coarse of history marriage was not a thing about love , it was created so that a man would protect a woman while she beared a child in her womb , then they formed a family. Psychologically Men and Women think differently , they compliment each other physically and mentally, Men were made to protect and be Masculine while women were made to teach and care for the children ,Feminine.... Logic: Gay couples and Gay men as well as women use the excuse that they were quote "Born that way" And I say "Really?, are you certain?" And they reply "Yes." . They think it is not a flaw in human nature, I suspect that Homosexuals (the ones that say that they always knew [Because the ones that don't really are confusing friendship with love] somewhere in the process of birth, their hormones dont develop CORRECTLY and are left to have a sexual attraction to men, And I would give this theory a 10% chance, why? Because nature corrects itself, the evolution of anything consists of improving and since homosexuality is a flaw then it will die, because if everyone would be Homosexual it would be a threat against human nature, and if they find a way to procreate by some machine made by man or sperm and ovulation banks then it is truly going against nature and I am not going to go against nature. But since I don't see homosexuality disapearing any time soon then ,I know it is safe to say that homosexuality isn't an Instinct but a learned behavior. There is also no balance if the world consisted of only Gays and Lesbians you would find yourself asking Why are there MEN AND WOMEN why not just men or just women, after all we can procreate fine (Assuming they found a way to procreate). Because men and Women Were made to live side by side, Thank You Very much

    Opinion: I myself do not agree and like homosexuality, however I do not hate Homosexuals , meaning I don't like their sin but They can still be my friend/friends I would not Disparage a homosexual in any way or hurt them in any means, however I am not afraid to say that I do not agree with them in that topic. That is all. IT IS NOT "OK" TO BE GAY.

  • Is it a choice?

    Gays explain their sexual orientation by saying 'this is how we were created. Nature made us this way. It is not a choice.'
    If that is the case, Nature MADE them incompatible with parenthood. It is not a choice.
    Asking gays to be parents is not very different from asking them to be heterosexuals.
    So, make up your mind. Which way do you want it. Can't have it both ways.

  • Who would want to be raised this way, seriously!

    Parents can be embarrassing as it is. This is simply strange and totally unnatural. Are people so weird and bored they need to not just be homosexual but also need to bring an innocent party into things? I guess people can argue well it's better to be raised by gay people then crack users or something but really, we all need to do better for these kids.

  • No Way !

    It is completely and utterly unfair for the that child who has to grow up; no, better yet has to grow up being forced to think and believe that gay marriage or being gay in general is normal. When it is absolutely and never ever in a million years going to be considered normal. Because the fact is, it's not.

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Bragxnxall says2015-05-21T22:53:47.403
Grave says it will never be normal. I already see how people are more understanding and it's become a lot more normal than you think.