• SyFy TV's New Movies Move Me

    I enjoy the made for TV movies from SyFy. They offer movies in a genre that is plagued with effects driven movies that lack originality or decent acting. Blockbuster science fiction movies are lame remakes of old stories that have already been told. SyFy has at least put in the effort of offering fresh stories and offering opportunities to aspiring film crews. Not only do these movies employ otherwise low impact actors, but the rest of the crew that is required to make a movie also get a chance to get their name out there.

  • Yes, I am addicted to SyFy's movies.

    Years ago I watched the SyFy channel's version of the movie "Dune". The story line was engaging and drew me in as deeply as the original movie of the same name. I have been a fan ever since. SyFy made for TV movies have spawned several that have become cult classics and I have truly enjoyed most of them.

  • Some are ok

    Look, if you're watching a SyFy movie (and I hate spelling that word that way) you're not going to get a world class movie - but you know that going in. The vast majority of the SyFy movies are stupid, fun, B-movie style horror or sci fi movies and they're great once in a while.

  • To be what they are, they're not bad

    The thing that I have to keep in mind usually is that these are made for TV movies that SyFy shows. These are movies with shoestring budgets with unknown actors and scripts that are probably not done by people of the same caliber as Spielberg. Even when they are horrible, it is usually to the point that they are unintentionally funny, so I almost always enjoy them.

  • SyFy's made for TV movies are cheap, awful films!

    Although movies like Sharknado have recently garnished attention for the SyFy channel, the majority of their films are equally awful, and much less watchable. The acting and dialogue is usually on par with porn movies, the special effects are low budget and take you out of the experience, and not to mention commercials interrupting the movies. No thank you!

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