Do you enjoy telling people that they are wrong?

Asked by: blackkid
  • I enjoy provoking a discourse.

    It is absurd to think that we have the only possible answer, unless it's a maths problem and even they can be controversial the longer you think about them. So usually, when I think someone is wrong, I just point out where I consider his/her theory flawed or weak.

    This said, I gain a lot of pleasure from winning debates or concessions. Still doesn't mean I am always sure I am right. Usually I just promote my opinion as long as possible to provoke as much input as possible. Afterwards I have double the knowledge and are able to find the way inbetween.

    Telling someone that they are wrong should come with a lot of confidence to support the own ideas but never with an incapability to see the possibility of one's own flawed concepts. I consider mild Narcissism as a serious problem among debaters and people who generally love to get in to arguments.

  • Criticism helps you grow

    Most people live in their own ignorant bubbles and unless they see it for themselves or someone else criticizes them they never learn or care too. Anymore the internet is ruled by the ignorant masses and is in dire need of reality checks. I am not claiming to know everything. I don't even come close. But most people have no idea what they are talking about and then get arrogant and cocky so yes they need to get spankeda bit (with words). Criticism is good. Bullying is not

  • Depends on the Person

    I don't like telling amicable people when they are wrong, so I will usually try to gently suggest my thoughts if they differ. However, if I am brutally honest, I will admit that I enjoy correcting people that come across as either ignorant or arrogant. If someone is cocky about a poorly argued topic, then I love to destroy their logic.

  • You don't have to look far to find the answer.

    Just spend a few minutes looking at different sections and it will be easy to see that people love to tell others that they are wrong and that they should take up their own beliefs. People love doing this so much that they even dedicated a whole website to it called debate.Org. The fact that this website is so popular illustrates people's love for being right and telling others that they are wrong.

  • I definitely do but let me explain myself.

    First of all, I want to dismiss any accusations that someone might make of me thinking criticism is right. I am by no means saying criticism is good or an effective way to get people to take up your opinion, and I am aware the most people do not wish to be told they are wrong.

    I am merely being honest. It is a great feeling of telling someone that they are incorrect and watching their expressions when they realise the facts or retaliate. It is human nature to love being right. I, like all humans, am no expection.

  • No, but I often feel compelled

    I hate being compelled to point out misconceptions and falsehoods, because opinionated individuals will cling to their lies like rats on so much debris from a sinking ship.

    It is incredibly annoying to be forced to confront ideas which are so illogical.

    I get satisfaction from proving my point in such as way as to change the mind of the individual who was incorrect, but I take no joy in the act of pointing out their inaccuracy, quite the opposite.

  • I do not:

    Most people don't like being told they're wrong even with proof and are relatively defiant when confronted on the matter. There is little to gain from doing so and furthermore it generates dissent among the community. Obviously that may be different in places such as forums like this but I am referring to the general state of affairs.

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