Do you ever really get over your first love?

Asked by: Pinkie789
  • Your first love is not always your greatest love.

    Your first love is a powerful experience, but it is not necessarily your greatest love. If you meet someone who you love more deeply than your first love, then it is possible to get over your first love. Though you will always remember your first love as the first time you felt love for someone, it more often than not does not equate to something you cannot move beyond.

  • Your First Love Fades When You Find the Love of Your Life

    Your first love is a special tender love, but you will love again. To remember your first
    sweet love is to recall your innocent youth. Dreaming of your first love is imagining
    the way your life could have gone, and the completely different person you could have
    become. It is indulging in nostalgia, for a time of life that was once beautiful, but is
    now gone forever. Your real, adult love will be a matter of building a meaningful life
    together, of sharing everyday sorrows and joys, and of facing the future together,
    not the past.

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