Do you ever wish John McCain had become president?

  • May had worked out

    I have always voted democractic party, and if Palin did not run wiith him he would had got my vote, she destroyed him and made the Repulican party a mokery a disgrace, the polls show, but mccain probably would had gotten more cooperation in Congress and the democratic Senate would had went along with him, unlike the division we have in Washington now

  • You betcha I wouldn't!

    Don't get me wrong, McCain is relatively on the moderate side, and he might possibly be as close as I've ever come to voting Republican. But choosing Palin was his death knell. Had he been incapacitated in office (which is very well possibly given his age and the added stress of being POTUS instead of just a senator), Palin would have driven this country through the ground and into China.

  • No, not at all.

    While I don't believe that Obama is a perfect president, I do like what he has done over all. I like that because of the Affordable Care Act, needy people are getting health care for the first time in their adult life. John McCain was against all of my core values. His vice president nominee was against all my values as well, and I don't believe she was qualified for the job.

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