Do you expect to see older generations of people still in the workplace as the Baby Boomers retire?

  • The Baby boomers are retiring, but not quitting.

    I live in a community with a large population of retirees. Most of these retirees still work. Its not about expecting to see it, it's about actuality. It becomes difficult for the younger generations to pick up low activity positions like cashiers because they are being held by retirees. Retirees are still wanting some extra cash to support the children and grandchildren that haven't moved out for whatever reason. It's the unending cycle of aged employers keeping the younger out of the workforce for their own sake.

  • They Must Work

    I do expect to see older generations in the workplace. Some of these people have come out in the media and stated their need to work. They can not support themselves on social security alone and they were unable to save money throughout their lifetime. They need money to function in society and they will continue to work, more than likely until the day they die. This is what the younger generation has to look forward to.

  • Yes I do

    I would still expect to see older generations still in the workplace even as the baby boomers start to retire. I think that most Americans love working and love their jobs, and their jobs give them a sense of purpose, which is why so many people choose to work for so long.

  • As the baby boomers retire, we will see older generations of people in the workplace.

    As the baby boomers retire, we will see older generations of people in the workplace. People in the United States are staying in the workforce longer. 62 used to be the retirement age. Now, it is 65. Many people would like to retire at 65 but are unable to because their Social Security benefits will not support the lifestyle that they are accustomed.

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