• Yes yes yes yes i farf

    Farf i do farf done the fart frt i do yes fart fart fart fart fart i am farting right now isn't that epic yes yes pls help fart frt fart yes yes fart i fart you fart we fart please yeys ew fart yes yese gr we a sf

  • Fart i do

    I fart everyday. Please help I can't stop farting please call the ambulance. Please

  • I ate way too much beans

    So i ate all these beans cause i stole a bunch of beans from the super market and ive been eating them non stop for months. Now I'm out breaking into cars and doing some blow, And all of a sudden i feel another fart coming on. So I'm like, F**k it nobody is around, I'm just going to let it out. Thing is, I went and shit my f***ing pants. Not like a little shart, Either. Whole enitre log in my pants. So I'm freaking the f**k out because I'm on a hero's dose of GHB, And I just decide to grab it and throw it behind this lady's dog so she'll thing her dong dropped it, But I'm ass blasted on drugs and I just beaned the dog super f***ing hard with my own turd like some kind of ape. Now she's f***ing screaming at me about how I threw shit at her dog, And I just ran because I'm wanted for picking those parking meters for bar money, So I actually dove into the f***ing gutter. I ended up in some kind of drain, And I'm thinking of getting liquored up here every Tuesday cause it's a f***ing blast. Moral of this story is that I shit my pants on GHB.

  • I am fart

    My mommy called me a little faggot bitch boy and now I work at black Mesa. I am science retard. Every tiem I fard I fele guud bc I did make fard and I mæk shit lol lol lol lol lol kek kek kek kek kek ja ja ja ja praise kek

  • Yes, Of course

    Every human farts, And every mammal I think. So yes, I fart and every friend I have farts too. Of course, I try to do it when I am on my own, But my bf does fart in front of me and that's ok. Also, My best friend and I (we have been friends since we've been 4yo) fart in front of each other unapologetically.
    Not farting can be dangerous to your health, Never hold it inside for too long!

  • I only fart.

    I'm constipated and need medical assistance in these dire times. Basically, I fart, But due to my inability to properly defecate, My stomach has become immensely bloated. It's an intestinal problem, To be sure, But if left unchecked for much longer, It could prove fatal. Please help me. I don't want to die.

  • Yes i do

    I fart morning, Noon, Night and inbetween. Some are loud. Some are quiet killers. All kinds. I invented beans, Therefore i have to eat them 24/7. I make millions of dollars selling beans.
    Social distancing hasnt been a problem though, People have always kept their distance from me and i don't blame them.
    I just invented frabreese naturals it will be available to the public soon

  • I don't shit

    Im a f***ing virigin and my mom said shut your ass up so one day i just stopped farting cause she told me to shut my ass so i glued it. It was one of the worst decisions of my life and I'm 47 my mom still picks out my outfits

  • No I can't

    I surgically removed my anus with a homemade surgery so that I would stop fart. Have not farted since. However I feel a lot heavier lately probably because of all the fart ive held in. This life hack worked though as I learned it on a life hack youtube channel

  • No i didn't.

    Because no man it not me it not me it is the other guy please it isn't me oh no oh no oh no do not do not do not do not it not it not you not listen to me to me to me please please don't don't no

  • F f f

    C c c c c c. C c c c. C. C c c. C. Ccc. Ccc. Cc c c c. C ccc had b. G vs CFC. V. C xxbvccc xd. Ccc. F c c c c. C c c c c c. C. C c. C. Cc. Cc

  • No, I don't.

    Bold of you to assume I have an anus. I was born without one and therefore I am incapable of farding n shidding so in conclusion I am unable to release gas from my ass cheeks because that is a luxury that everyone but me has therefore I am sad.

  • I am not human

    I am sbeve fortnite and i not phart because mineraft not let me fart :( sad fart pee poo fart not let mojenga me fart i am very sad not clickbait went under the hood gone sexual i need to pee please help me there are no toilets in minecraft

  • I have a seed in my ass

    I have a massive seed stuck deep inside my anal cavity that i had to stick up their to sneak past international customs. Now i can't get it out and it really hurts. I can't poop anymore either but rick said he can help me get it out because he has a lot of experience with little boy butt holes.

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