• Absolutely yes I do.

    Almost as bad as I fear Hillary Clinton. That's why I'm voting for Libertarian Gary Johnson. 34 More words needed. 34 More words needed. 34 More words needed. 34 More words needed. 34 More words needed. 34 More words needed. 34 More words needed. 34 More words needed. 34 More words needed.

  • Yes, I do.

    But nowhere near as much as I fear Hillary Clinton as president. That lady is pure evil, and deserves no power or trust at all whatsoever. She's a corrupt, amoral, pathological lying, sadistic, selfish witch. Trump, while dangerous, is so far just an obnoxious loudmouth. I very much doubt we'd get anywhere with him as president, but going nowhere is by far the preferably option when held in comparison to Hillary's America.

  • Our country would be destroyed as we know it

    A recent poll shows a majority of Americans fear a Trump presidency, and only 1/3 believe he is at least somewhat qualified to lead a country. I would say he is 100% unqualified, he does not care about "making America great again", he only cares about doing what he's been doing his whole professional career; bossing everybody around. He has had to declare bankruptcy five times, Chapter 11 can be resolved when it comes to a business, but it cannot be undone with a nation. Trump is making the rest of the world nauseous; his bigoted rhetoric is alienating our country.

  • I don't know

    Possibly. TBH both candidates in my opinion suck. What a time to be alive. Hillary lies and takes money from other countries and who knows whats behind that, Trump is ok, can't really find anything negative about him. Except that the wall is a dumb idea. Just saying. No offense

  • I fear no man.

    If you fear anyone being president you have some self reflecting to do. What's the worst that could happen? We could all be wiped out in a bloody war brought on by a man who has no experience in politics? Pfft, big deal. Seriously though, it doesn't matter, who cares. Death is inevitable regardless of who sets in that fancy chair.

  • Trump should become president

    If Trump was up against somebody else who is reliable, than maybe he wouldn't have a chance. But you have to realize that he is up against Hillary Clinton. The woman who lied about the emails regarding Benghazi and at the time who was Secretary of State. Trump, even though he is regarded as a "Racist", he isn't. He didn't say anything offensive about blacks nor any race. He wants immigrants gone, because of the criminal rate, more border security and maybe the wall was a over exaggeration but it would solve the border security problem. Immigrants have been given free health insurance, which in my opinion should be given to the veterans to this country. This is because immigrants do not live here LEGALLY. If you have a citizenship, good for you, but it is very important to realize that he is not specifically targeting everyone who comes here legally. Some people have green cards and visas, which grant them a pass into the USA, LEGALLY. It is wrong to come into a country without any documents or anything, in my opinion. And Trump has declared bankruptcy but so have other people. So what? If you're judging trump for doing that, ur judging the other people who have filed for bankruptcy. You can't just judge a person based on financial problems or backgrounds. And polls are not always reliable. There are some things called "Correlation research" which is where they compare 2 unrelatable things. They could've compared Trump to someone or something worse or an unrelatable thing... Now, Trump does come off as a bigot to some people, but he has not shown that he is... He was only trying to "Alienate" our country because of the border security and more insurance to the veterans... SO please, before you base him off of what happened a long time ago, then you shouldn't be hosting these debates.

  • I don't want him, but I don't fear any president.

    I respect the opinion of the majority when it comes to these voting decisions. I'll tell people my view on what a good president is, but ultimately if they ritually reincarnate Hitler and elect him, I don't think I'll "fear" it. I'll just keep doing my thing and adapt to the changing times like I always have. As long as he stays off my lawn, we'll be just fine.

  • Not nearly as much as I fear Hillary Clinton

    Well, yeah it is scary to think of either of these politicians as our new president, but I think it is scarier to think of Hillary Clinton as a president. Also many people think Trump wants to kick all Hispanics out of the US when he did NOT say that. He said he would take out illegal immigrants and have them come back legally.

  • No, I don't.

    I think a Donald Trump presidency would be absolutely hilarious. It would completely break the American political system, forcing both parties to reevaluate the way they do things in order to fix it. Or, better yet, it could render both the Republican and Democratic parties extinct, paving the way for smaller parties to take over.

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Sciguy says2016-09-25T02:59:35.320
Now is more than ever a time to elect someone you dislike over the person you disgust. If you already have your mind made, I would suggest who you choose. However, if you don't, I would again suggest who you choose.

This election season is perhaps the most historical election ever to be seen in American history. Whether you are apolitical or entirely familiar to the political face, you must consider your vote with the utmost respects.

Though I am terrified by the mere prospect of a Trump Presidency I am more so concerned over another Clinton Presidency. That is also why, and for many other reasons, I believe America will elect Donald Trump.

When Americans go to vote this coming November, they will leave their designated polling booths with an Ideological complacency for which they must understand is a direct result of their own actions. They will know that they may have elected perhaps the most foolish, arrogant, dull-witted, ignoramus ever to lead America- someone only comparable to Thomas Jefferson.