• Yes I do

    I follow the teachings of Christ because I know that I face judgement. It's pleasant for the righteous but unpleasant for the wicked. Not a single deed will be missed. If you choose to ignore me or even disrespect my right to believe what I choose to, that's between you and God.

  • Yes, God will judge everyone.

    Yes, I fear judgment in the afterlife, because God says that he will judge everyone. We are all sinners, and on judgment day, each person will stand in judgment for their actions. This is a scary thought, considering that there are time that I could have been nicer, or kinder, or more generous. God is a merciful God, but he also loves justice.

  • I don't fear judgment.

    I do not fear being judged once I am passed away. I do not have any evidence at all that judgment occurs in any afterlife. But that does not mean I do not act kindly toward others. I choose to act morally out of my own values, not fear of a vengeful God.

  • No I do not Fear the Final Judgement

    I don't fear judgement or any dieties. If I end up in a "Easy" or "Hard" Afterlife because my "Mind has Been Freed" from the shackles of religious systematic control. I've been free longer then I've realized when I found out the Truth that religion and it's Major God are a joke and a plague to most of humanity A Pestilence and we Are The Cure we are the true saviors. And that's the "Intellectual Community" it's Our Time Now!

  • No I do not fear judgement in the Afterlife.

    I do not fear judgement in the afterlife because There is no proof that there is a god for a fact and if there is no god for a fact. As I realized this I began to see that why was I worried about being harmed after I die and go wherever ones soul goes when I die, I was fearing something that was in all actuality was impossible.

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