Do you feel a cancer drug which seems to act as a male birth control pill would be widely accepted by the male population?

  • Men want non-invasive birth control options for themselves

    Most men want to be able to have sex without much possibility of the act resulting in a pregnancy. If they could take a pill rather than have an operations, most men would do so. The pill would also reduce the possibility of unwanted pregnancy because both the man and woman could be taking birth control measures.

  • Yes, it will

    I strongly believe that it will be widely accepted by the male population. The cancer drug that seems to act as a male birth control pill is the best thing that has happened and i believe that lots of men will go for it. This is simply because it will serve as a medicinal drug for cancer and also as a birth control pill.

  • Yes, a cancer drug would be accepted

    If there is a cancer drug that works as a male birth control but offers a way to fight cancer, I think the male population would accept it. There are those who may want to start a family and opt out till they are past conception stage of life. But the long term benefits would be outstanding for the general population.

  • No, I do not.

    I think people would not take a cancer drug if it worked as birth control. However if they discovered a new birth control method that was previously used for curing cancer, that might go well, particularly if there were not way too many side effects and did not cause hair loss.

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