Do you feel a mother's place is at home (yes) or in the workplace (no)?

  • Mother's place is in a home

    A woman can choose any career or way of life that she wants, but once you start having kids and establishing yourself as a mother than being home is very important. Kids need a parent around at a young age and will continue to grow with the guidance of a mother in the house.

  • It Is At Home

    I believe the mother's place is at home, but it can also be in the workplace. I believe mother's should be concerned about spending more time with their children especially if they utilize day care services on a regular basis. Once a child enters school the mother should seek employment during the hours the child is in school. I believe a lot of the problems in our youth are a reflection of the changes in our society. Primarily the lack of interaction between parents and their children. I support equal rights for women, but women also need to remember their responsibilities when they have a child.

  • Yes and no.

    I feel like a mother's place is either at home or at the work place. I think it depends on what the family wants, and what the mother wants. It is not going to be the same for every family, and that is okay. Women should have the right to choose where to focus their time.

  • Wait?! It's 2016?

    Well, we begin with this old argument from one of the posters on the other side of this poll: "women also need to remember their responsibilities when they have a child." What about men? I mean, there are usually two people in this equation of creating a child. Also, there may be a single parent who is forced to go to work. Not much you can do about that. I was raised with only one and it's not as if I turned out too bad (at least, I hope).
    And what should happen for same-sex couples? If there are two women in a marriage (maybe there was a sperm donor... Just picture no man actively in the picture), then what should they do? Sit around with their child, losing their shelter and means of living? These family values usually center around a stereotypical nuclear family, which is a problem.
    Assuming that we're dealing with a heterosexual couple raising a child (no single parent, no same-sex couple), then the woman should have a choice. The man in the equation, whether a husband or boyfriend or an "it's complicated" should also be a part of this decision and actually consider leaving work for the child. If women are expected to actually consider sacrificing a career, men should try hard to think about it as well. Both should consider their environment/living situation (rent, debt, etc) and where they see themselves advancing in their careers or if their jobs give them satisfaction. And both can end up working. As for the "women also need to remember their responsibilities when they have a child" commentor, that's wrong. Women should be able to remember their responsibilities to themselves, just as most men do in these decisions. The point is that there's no double standard. But there should be.

  • Home is home. Why can't it be the father's place?

    Home is a place of dwelling. It feels too sexist to say her place is at home. Couldn't the situation be reversed? Say, if the breadwinner is the mother and the father stays home with the kids? Each situation is unique. We're not living in the 50's anymore. The father could still provide loving care and interaction.

  • A mother's place is wherever she wants to be

    The entire debate over whether a mother belongs in the workplace or at home is a ridiculous one in the first place. There is no one formula for what makes a good mother and there is certainly no one person who has the authority to make such a judgment in the first place.

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