• Taxpayers must pay deficit

    As a taxpayer, I would love to see the deficit go away and have no guilt about generations trying to pay it. Some say that it is all smoke and mirrors and can be erased with a signature on a piece of paper because it is only our money and not really debt. Anyone who has lived in a country where currency was carted around in wheelbarrows, as it was nearly worthless, would certainly argue. We spent the money. It is time to tighten the belt and pay it back.

  • We Don't Have A Choice

    American taxpayers do not have a choice when it comes to paying the budget deficit. This is a debt that hangs over all of our heads equally and it will be there for as long as the debt exists. The government operates to be a singular voice for the people and that ideal stands rather they actually do their job or not.

  • American taxpayers should pay for the country's current budget deficit

    American taxpayers should not pay for the country's current budget deficit. I think it is wrong that we are responsible for so much debt that we do not even run up ourselves. It is like giving them a credit card and then letting then do whatever they want with our money.

  • No, American taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for the deficit.

    No, American taxpayers shouldn't have to pay for the budget deficit because for the most part they didn't cause it. A large part of the deficit comes from government overspending and bailouts. Taxpayers didn't ask for or approve those things. The government and companies that got bailouts should figure out ways to cover those costs.

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