• Men should be supported too

    As most people have discovered, feminists rarely care for men’s rights, only a few handful do. So I like to consider myself an equalist, technically a feminist is someone who fights for both men and women’s rights, except saying feminist sounds like it is only for females, which isn’t correct, while equalist sounds much better, especially since I believe everyone deserves equal respect. When men have been rapes by women they are usually told to simply ‘man up’ this leads to mental diseases and many other things. This means that rapist is still out there and getting her own way and not being sentenced. Men are also shamed if they are a stay at home dad, if they want to stay at home that’s fine, if they want to work that’s fine, same as a woman.

  • I used to support feminism

    And I still support the central aim of feminism, which is supposed to be equality. However I've noticed for some time, both in my daily life and in the media, that feminists are fighting only for women and ignoring men, even when men have it far, far worse.
    In the justice system for example, the vast majority of prisoners are men. Women are less likely to be found guilty and receive more lenient treatment by the courts. In the rare cases where women are jailed they get shorter sentences than men for the same crime. Men are also far more likely to commit suicide than women and being imprisoned puts them at heightened risk. So I think it's pretty clear which gender is favoured by the system in this instance.
    Now if feminists were REALLY for equality they'd do something to help these men, right? After all, they're about equality, yes? But no, they focus only on women. A feminist journalist recently wrote an article about prisons and inmates for the BBC, that glossed over all these facts. She said women prisoners were actually victims themselves, and called for women's prisons to be scrapped. She made it appear that suicide was a particular problem for women.
    Where was the counter argument? Where was the person saying "yes that's very nice but what about the men, don't they count?" You won't find it on the BBC, or in any of the mainstream media.
    So yes, we need someone to speak out for men. The media won't do it. Feminists won't​ do it either, if they did MRAs wouldn't even exist.
    There's a gap and MRAs are filling it. Thankfully someone cares.

    Posted by: nhen
  • Yes there should

    Men are treated unfairly in domestic violence and child custody cases. Men are more likely to be arrested in domestic violence cases, even if the women initiated the attack. Dr. Phil, a respected talk show host, in one of his episodes, Sonya and Lawrence's relationship, Dr. Phil made excuses for Sonya's abusive behavior, calling it a "relationship issue". He told Lawrence that she was afraid of him, but if Sonya were truly afraid of him she would avoid him at all costs (I was afraid too and I know how afraid people behave). Sonya destroyed 2 laptops and a TV, spitted on his face, had this man hiding in the closets, and Dr. Phil said a woman can't be abusive (the person posting this opinion is a woman). Women are more likely to get custody of their child in court. Men are not believed when they are raped.

  • In Sexual Assault Cases

    I believe there are few areas where been are generally denied their rights, but when it comes to sexual assault allegations they are severely undermined. I think many of the problems in the military in this forum are the result of false allegations and when a man is accused of sexual assault they are very unlikely to receive a fair trial.

  • Where have all the real men gone?

    I feel that there should be Men's rights activists to the same point of believing that there should White rights activists or Christian activists. Yes, on the one hand, these groups have been an oppressive force over women, racial minorities, and religious minorities for many millennium. However, on the other hand, without some active voice on the other end of a debate, the minority gains too much control. Case In Point: The Sequester of the US government. The minority was given too much power, and made the system ineffective. To further this point, the current trend among youth males is to wear jeans cut for women, and scarves. Remember the days of Jeans with a belt and a letterman jacket?

  • No, a majority group doesn't need activists.

    Saying that a man, especially a white man, needs to have his rights fought for is as silly as saying that white people need civil rights to stand up against minorities that don't appreciate them. The majority already has the power and does not need this kind of advocacy except to try to gain more power unjustly.

  • I have long been disgusted by society's efforts to paint feminists as sexist man-haters (I have friends who are feminists).

    First off, Feminists want equality, Not gender dominance. I don't believe there is a need for men's rights, But I do believe there is a need for equality. I judge people by the content of their character and their values. Gender is irrelevant. Men should receive an equal trial to women in court, And should be paid the same amount at work. Even being male myself, I don't feel the need for a male rights activist group. Throughout history, It's the women who've been treated unfairly, Not men. I want, As many people have stated, Equality for all.

  • No, not really

    The reality is that both men and women are doing fine in this country. Now, I'm not saying that things are perfect for either sex, or that there is no far-left bias and agenda against men, but the third-wave feminists who say things against men are nothing more than than a very loud minority. A common piece of "evidence" that MRAs often cite as a systematic oppression towards men is that there are a lot more men in the U.S. Prison system than men. However, this is simply because men commit more crimes. Similarly, the prison system is not racist because there are more blacks and Hispanic people in U.S. prisons; this is only because blacks and Hispanics commit more crimes.

  • We rule the world

    I do not think that we need men's rights activists, because men already have more power than women on this planet. The only reason women fight for their rights, is because they are behind men in the amount of power they have, and are held back in the amount of jobs they can get.

  • Men Have Too Many Rights

    If anything, women and minorities should have more advocates than men. Blacks are still underemployed by a larger rate than whites. Women still make less money than men in the same positions. Women are still abandoned by men and are left to raise children on their own as single mothers. There is no need for men's rights activists--just look at the demographic makeup of Congress and you'll see a majority of men's rights activists already there.

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