• Investing in the Stock Market is Wise

    I regularly invest in the stock market because it is the best long-term investment that can be made. So long as you diversify, you will make money in the long run. I make sure to own several mutual funds and more than 8 individual stocks to manage risk. You will double your money about every 11 years this way.

  • The stock market is safe

    I feel confident in investing in the stock market because major dips only happen once every so often -- like the Great Recession. The stock market is oriented upwards in general, so over the years you will get a positive return. Making money short-term is less of a safer bet but it can still be done.

  • No, I do not feel confident enough to invest in the stock market.

    The immense complexities are the stock market are apparent to anyone with even a passing familiarity with it, and furthermore are apparently substantial enough that many dedicate the majority of their college education to preparation for learning to navigate the stock market, invest in it, and profit. For the average Joe looking to make some quick money, the perils of the stock market are daunting, and few would dare to venture an investment without some outside assistance.

  • confident to invest

    No I really do not feel very confident in investing in the stock market at this time. I know nothing about the stock market. I do not know where or how or when or what to invest in. I also do not have enough money to spare on these kinds of things.

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