• Yes I do

    I chose to be self-employed and not go to one of those (J.O.B.- Journey of the Broke). Work my own hours and have fun while doing I also hire no one so yes I am. Fully ready for retirement I'm my own boss and answer to no one and make as much as I want. ''Your income is directly related to your philosophy, Not to the economy". - Jim Rohn

  • Any goal is possible it first must be a goal.

    The reason I feel ready is because I have a game plain in which is already in progress. Steep one, get a day job so to speak and live below my means. Example, my car is a little older and not as nice but it works. It gets me to point A to point B. Also it all pay for which means I can take all that extra money I was going to spend on interest and payments and put it to rd investing. Which leads me to my next point. That's investing for retirement. Take all the extra money I make and slowly let it billed up so that when I'm read to call it quits I won't have to wait till I'm over 60 and looking blankly at the government for all the money I'll never see again. And that's why I feel like I'm ready for retirement.

  • Proper Preparation for Retirement is Nigh-Impossible in Today's World

    I feel that I have no proper way to adequately prepare for retirement given the complexities and insecurity of the world as it is today. While I can make smart decisions, squirrel money away in safe investments, and work to build a retirement nest egg, it is becoming increasingly clear that these things may not be enough to build a secure retirement future for myself.

  • I know I am not.

    I am not even prepared to live out on my own yet, let alone prepared for retirement. Ill start worrying about saving for retirement when I make enough money to sustain a life outside of my parents house. Until then, planning for retirement will just have to wait for this girl!

  • Is anyone prepared?

    I doubt if anyone feels they are properly prepared for retirement. Its so hard for so many simply make ends meet never mind trying to simultaneously fund education funds, emergency funds and retirement as well. I hope I am doing everything I can to prepare for retirement but no, I do not feel confident.

  • No, retirement is going to come to a shock for many people who thought they were prepared.

    The housing market is on a bubble that is poised to pop in the near future. A vast majority of Americans have as their most significant investment, their home. If you are anywhere near retirement and have your home as your single biggest investment, you are not going to be nearly as ready for retirement as you thought. The unemployment rate is still high, many people are underemployed and the prospectus for meaningful employment is still low. The economy isn't rebounding as it should and buying power will remain low in the coming years. All this leads to very unprepared people in their retirement years.

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