Do you feel Groupon made a mistake (yes) or intentional stunt (no) with the "Alexander Hamilton" deal?

  • There's no way they'd do that on purpose.

    I believe that Groupon made a mistake, rather than did an intentional stunt with the Alexander Hamilton deal, because no company would do an advertising campaign that makes them look uninformed. Groupon looked silly, on a day that we honor presidents. There is no way that any company would do that on purpose.

  • Yes, probably a mistake.

    Large companies are known for their mistakes. It is usually very easy to spot and very big to the eyes of everyone else because even though the mistake might have been small initially the fact that they are so big the small mistake ends up being more of a hassle than it would for a small company.

  • It was a mistake by groupon.

    I have been using groupon for a long time and have really enjoyed using them, but I found this Alexander Hamilton deal to be a bit ridiculous and cheesy. Groupon should just stick to the basics, keep doing what made them successful, and continue doing so. There's no reason for these gimmicks.

  • Someone Made An Error

    I do not believe Groupon was making an intentional stunt with the Alexander Hamilton deal. I believe someone assumed that all people on money printed in the United States were Presidents and this just doesn't hold true. Unfortunately, it led to a huge mistake and someone didn't do their research before releasing this deal.

  • A mistake really

    Groupon is actually a pretty great business, but they have a history of making decisions that may likely effect their business poorly. The deal in question here was actually likely simply a mistake that they did not realize, and people may just be playing it off as a smart move on their part.

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