• Yes, I enjoyed Weird AL's latest efforts.

    I have always enjoyed Weird AL's parodies and his recent mockery of Pharrell Williams' "Tacky" is equally amusing. As ever with Weird AL the combination of amusing lyrics and video make the whole experience very funny indeed and certainly should bring a smile to anyone's face. Considering the people weird AL has made fun of the past Pharrell Williams should realise that it is something of an honor!

  • Jack Black: The Jerk we Love

    Though offensive and oftentimes crass, Jack Black, Weird Al, and Kristen have a bit of hometown charm. Though I would not expect to see someone elegant act in such a way, their tackiness is part of what society finds appealing. They often say/do what everyone wishes they could if expectations were not upon them.

  • Tacky, Wacky, Whatever

    I feel that a few of their musical creations generate laughs for a major part of the population, but I particularly do not care for any of them. Do not get me wrong, every artist has a few songs I like even if I do not like them, but these artists...there are very few songs I enjoy.

  • No I don't think they are.

    I find all of them very annoying and overplayed. They seem to almost be a caricature of themselves. I don't believe that anyone actually acts like that in real life, they seem to be playing a role. I am also not sure what about them screams tacky, maybe loud and annoying, but not tacky.

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