Do you feel like GM has been handling their ignition switch recall correctly?

  • Yes, GM has been handling their ignition switch recall just fine.

    GM is a huge corporation that has done plenty of evil, greedy things in its time, but in this case it seems to be doing things pretty well. The ignition switch is an important part that could lead to some serious problems if not functioning correctly, and they are doing a good job of getting it recalled.

  • No I do not

    If I haven't seen it plastered every where, then it probably isn't too noticeable. I read the news everyday, I work on websites where I keep up with current events and I haven't seen a whole lot of information on the GM ignition switch recall. Maybe they should put it out there a bit more.

  • No, GM has been handling their ignition switch recall very poorly.

    On one hand, you can kind of understand why GM waited to announce the recall. The company clearly wanted to prepare their business to fix the huge mistake that they made before they announced. But on the other hand, doing so put a huge number of consumers' lives at risk, and the company cannot be forgiven for that.

  • Companies Shouldn't Get Away With This

    I feel that vehicles that need to be recalled should come with the option to return the car. Consumers shouldn't get stuck with faulty pieces of equipment and they absolutely shouldn't have to pay full price for them. I think car manufacturers need to produce better products or expect to get their junk back. Recalls just protect the company, not the consumer.

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