• Ozzy Osbourne is a talented legend, but not someone to look up to!

    Ozzy Osbourne has had a lot of success over the years and has become one of the most famous rock musicians around. However his decision making skills have not been the best. With his reckless behaviour, constant use of drugs and alcohol and recently his attitude towards his marriage, he is not an ideal man to follow when making decisions. He has bitten the head off a bat, moonied an audience and nearly killed himself with drugs; His music is incredible, but he is a bad role model!

  • Ozzy Osbourne is ridiculous!

    Ozzy Osbourne is a horrible role model. He is regularly drugged up and just plain stupid. I was so glad to see the reality show of his family get canceled. The entire family is disgusting and not an example I want to set for my children. Between the drugs, gross behavior, and nonsense, I don't see anything positive about him. Even his music sucks.

  • Yes, Ozzy Osbourne is a bad role model.

    I defnitely think that Ozzy Osbourne is a bad role model. Ozzy Osbourned was a man who bit the head off of a bat while on stage. I do not know how anybody who advocates animal abuse should be considered somebody that people look up to as a role model.

  • Great singer and song writer!

    If we all were so blessed with this talent! Ozzy is respectful to his fans and that is what we like. He's an everyday guy. I like and appreciate it. Powerful and a man's man. Really a great guy. I would hang out with OZZY! God bless him. The grandpa,good father, husband. Doing the rock warrior!

  • No, he seems nice.

    No, Ozzy Osbourne has been married to the same woman for years and has always been there for his children. He seems like a good father and husband to his family. The things he does on stage are just an act. He seems like a really nice man and a good role model.

  • He has done some bad things, but overall he would not be a bad role model for life decisions.

    Normally I would say that someone like Ozzy Osbourne is a bad role model because he reportedly was addicted to drugs and/or alcohol on and off throughout his life. But he also used his energy for artistic talent and maintains a loving long-term marriage. Those two things are admirable in a person.

  • No, he's just another entertainer.

    You can pick most any entertainer in the field today and accuse them of being a bad role model. I don't think there's anything that makes Ozzy Osbourne particularly worse than any of the others. There are so many entertainers and each one tries to find that certain something that will make them popular. Ozzy is just singled out because he's been around a long time and has a huge following. He's been rock's "bad boy" for many years. He's an icon.

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