• Yup, their lack of intellect

    Worries me big time. Lol. It's like they'll say something like "Denmark never conquered someone," and they repeat it over and over again in their own dumbed down belief. I feel sorry for these types honestly. Lol. It's like they have no ability to have real brain intellect. I feel sorry.

  • Especially people like the above

    Rather than debate me in an open forum, Adam2 chooses to cast personal insults and ask idiotic opinion polls. He has been reported for this in the past, and recieved a temp ban.

    What I actually said, was the Danes have never conquered Greenland, but rather inherited the colony through a personal union with Norway.

    Adam2 does not understand English, and has therefore misunderstood this very simple statement.

    He has instead, chosen to lie to people and attempt to create a false history of the Danish people, to justify his irrational, fascist hatred.

  • Of course I do

    They have dreams but cannot achieve them, I feel so much pity and totally would hug you if you felt dumb. Many will say it doesn't mean handicapped but does it matter if it doesn't? They don't mean to be dumb, they don't want to be dumb, it isn't their fault.

  • They are made fun of.

    Most of the time the phrase "you're dumb" is referred to at someone for bullying purposes at schools and such. But really if you were to look it up in the dictionary, it's a mental health issue also commonly known as "retarded". People that DON'T actually have this issue are made fun of for it. People that are actually "dumb" are most likely in your special ed class. Would you pick on those people for their health problem? Didn't think so.

  • Why wouldn't I?:

    "Dumb" originally referred to people who could not speak. The history of how it came to refer to stupidity is interesting really, but honestly I'll just use it in it's original state, and wish that the mute could speak again because there's no easier form of expression, even if not absolutely crucial, than word of mouth.

  • Of course, empathy is important!

    I feel like people who are ignorant are that way because of lacking education... Or possibly from biased education that values the wrong things. By the wrong things, I mean values that accept authority and don't value evidence... And aren't taught to evaluate evidence.

    Why wouldn't we want better for our fellow humans? Why wouldn't we feel sorry for those that have less intellectual means for growth than others? This seems to me to be the crux of this question. Even those that are willingly dumb, why wouldn't a more intellectually inclined person feel for them? Maybe "sorry for" is the wrong terming, but that's nit-picking. We should always want better for every person.

    If you can hold people in contempt for thoughts they haven't been presented... Reasoning they haven't been taught... Is this not callous? I understand the view point, it is one I used to hold. It's just lazy thinking though. It's evident in most of the comments for "no".

  • Most dumb people are doing it to themselves

    Most dumb people are willfully ignorant. If someone really can't help it but they try then I feel sorry for them. But most dumb people just don't value being intelligent and ignore facts. They even repeat the dumbest things even after you've presented them with the facts. It's hard to feel sorry for such people.

  • Ignorance is not lack of intelligence

    There are many different kinds of intelligence. Intelligence is not how much you know but the combination of taking what you know and utilizing it and having the capacity to understand and learn more. Anyone can memorize math equations but it takes intelligent mathematicians to apply mathematics to real life. This question suggests that the asker thinks they know everything which I garuntee isn't the case. That is called arrogance not confidence. Studies show that even though mentally disabled people may have a lower cognitive function than you and me, they often have better spatial and more vivid imaginations than we do. Anyone can learn math, learn history, name some things on a periodic table, and learn anatomy. Its not what you know it is what you can do with what you know.

  • Nope, why would you?

    (Is this some kind of a 'trolling question'?)

    Firstly, how would you describe a dumb person? You mean the intellect as a whole, or just logical intelligence in particular?

    I mean, why would feel sorry for these? They just might be gifted in other areas (such as sports, music, kindness, loving etc. – not implying that these are dumb). You do need other people who know something you don't. So please, don't get mad at anyone just because you'Re "smarter" than her or him. Show them the way, and they'll eventually help you back :)

    Posted by: THQP
  • Hell nah, u crazy?

    It's THERE fault there dumb! Not mine! Why don't u fckin study more huh? "Smart ppl" don't just magically become smart in a second. POOF! Magical powers make me a genius cuz I ate all my vegetables!!...No..IT DOESNT WORK LIKE THAT.

    Honestly ppl, just study harder? How hard can it be? They CHOOSE not to study or work hard...Tell me, whos fault is that?

  • Welp not really

    Ignorance is bliss
    more words to submit this so, . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .. . . . . . . . . . . /

  • They are dumb

    Dumb people are dumb because they don't choose to be smart. If they try to be smart them they would be less dumb, but if they're really dumb then they deserve it. An exception would be some degree of mental illness, but I don't feel sorry for stupid people without mental illness.

  • This is some kind of trolling question.

    Dumb, doesn't imply handy-capped. Dumb implies purposeful actions made by someone who should know the difference. Even if it said naive people, it would make more sense. But no, I feel no pity when someone drives in wrong lane, posts yolo on twitter and gets in a car crash. No one uses the original meaning of the word. They use mute. To counter that argument.

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Formerland1 says2014-07-15T17:58:42.030
I only feel sorry that they are alive .