Do you feel sorry for rich people who complain about how much money they have?

  • Imagine if you were a billionaire, would you actually be happier

    I do feel a sense of pity for rich people with obscene amounts of money. It can be very damaging to the individuals mental well being aswell as any relationships they are or will be in. Such amounts of money can cause severe paranoia and mistrust of all who are around them making it difficult to believe anyone ever is interested in them as a human being rather than there wealth and causing obsessive behaviour due to the 'protection' of that wealth. Such money of course gives choice and privilege but this can also be negative, to never really appreciate the value of something or to never truly be content with what you have would be quite sad.

  • How many people think of Warren Buffet as a man?

    Or the Waltons? Or even ancient persons like Rockerfeller? The hardest part of being extremely wealthy is that you go from being that kid down the street people rubbed elbows with to becoming just a giant ATM that everyone sees as a competition to get to. Weren't married before? Suitors magically appear. Weren't popular before? "Friends" by the millions. Weren't socially acknowledged before? Now you're a giant dollar sign. Artificial egotistical inflation sucks just like it does for any other arbitrary recognition.

  • They have all basic needs and wants provided at the expense everyone else

    They are emarrassing themselves by pretending that having too much of everything is a curse as they can give it away anytime they like. Long story short they think they are above everyone else and as a result can no sympathy for others perspective if you are rich just enjoy it don't rub it in people's faces and be so compete table to complain about it

  • No, absolutely not!

    I do not have pity for anyone "complaining" they have too much money. If you think you have "too" much money then obviously you do not deserve it as there is plenty of ways to spend it while helping the world at the same time and the amount of good you can do can even help save lives.

  • No , i don't feel sorry for them

    I do not feel sorry for them , most people live off a minimum wage salary , and when i hear rich people complaining that in my opinion becomes a paradox ,if they would not have money then probably they would complain even more , i see no sense in it.

  • No, they could use it to benefit those who are worse off.

    Rich people who complain about how much money they have are unreasonable as they can use this money to help those who are not as well off, and could improve the quality of life for them and their communities. Projects in urban, rural, and third world areas could use the money to benefit hundreds, if not thousands, of people.

  • Nope, not sorry for the sad rich man.

    Life comes with many problems. Some of these are so major we all pause for a moment to be thankful we don't have them, like cancer. Other problems maybe less life threatening but still difficult, like a child with a disability. However some people should really stop and take consider if their issues really is a problem. Such as too much money. Here's some advice for a rich person struggling with the vast amount of fortune they have; If you can't handle it, give it away. Any charity will gladly relieve you of this burden.

  • Rich People's Money Complaints

    Rich people complain about how much money they have, but people shouldn't feel sorry for them. Many people know that rich people get special perks that the poor folks don't get. They receive lower taxes and light jail sentences, and they can afford the best of the best. So, as for feeling bad for someone making more money than a blue collar worker would ever see, will not get sympathy from anyone in the US.

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