Do you feel that America, as a whole, today is dumb, or dumbed down?

Asked by: Adam2
  • We lack wisdom and intelligence

    The average person in the past wasn't as dumb as the average person today. The average person today is not even average, but a complete dummy. I feel like this country has been dumbed down, at least for the last 20 years. I worry for this country sometimes to be honest.

  • I'm a teacher...

    ... I agree simply because kids are too lazy. I am amazed as to how much they are crippled by technology and how that dependence damns their ability to think for themselves. Granted not ALL youth are like this, but I would hazard a guess that about 76% are. Whats worse is that there are parents of these stupid, fat, kids (and I mean all of those words. Stupid. Fat. Kids.) defend their kids without even knowing what they do. And, heaven forbid the idea that the kid is lying to the parents. Stop feeding kids crap food. Stop giving them everything they ask for. No 12 year old NEEDS a cell phone. No living person NEEDS to spend 8 hours in front of some entertainment. We do NEED to actually try to better ourselves and obtain new skills and abilities. There is no IEP or 504 for laziness.

  • Yes it has.

    The golden age of America (1800's-1990's) was when America boasted ground breaking innovation, a high standard of living, and an educated population with some of the world's most impressive Universities. The world's most important inventions were made in America.

    So what happened?

    A loosened education system, mass-consumerisim, and our wealth itself made America's grades slip. Schools once filled with dedicated teachers are now filled with yahoos. Countless and "pointless" (mostly) rules and regulations on the education system causing an overall reduction in efficency.

    Nobody can forget that much of America is spoiled. "Bread and circus" have never been seen on such scales before that we see in America. Football, retail stores, consumerism, sports, movies, video games etc has made our population willfully ignorant and naive of what out-of-control politicians are in office and the entire situation of the world and how we are screwed. It has made Americans (and the entire west) care more about GTA than their future or the future of the human race.

    The best summary of this would be in the following quote below (as history loves to repeat itself):

    "Already long ago, from when we sold our vote to no man, the People have abdicated our duties; for the People who once upon a time handed out military command, high civil office, legions — everything, now restrains itself and anxiously hopes for just two things: bread and circuses"- Juvenal

    Its a no-brainier that America has seriously gone down the drain.

  • As a european, I'll be hated for this opinion, but yes.

    I'll give one actual example i meet daily. Every single American I hear on the subject of Ukraine swears, has no knowledge of what is going on at all and supports Obama's actions without questioning them. They think they're what represents justice in the world, and should look at the facts before shouting "nuke Russia". There're plenty of people around who'd drop the A-bombs again on Japan anytime.

    Sorry for my poor choice of words, but this truly is stupid behavior. America should, like all other countries, be able to criticise theirselves rather than just the other countries.

  • "This new generation sucks. They need discipline... Blah blah blah"

    There's literally nothing better or worse about this generation than any other generation. Well maybe better, we haven't had a world war lately.

    The only difference about this generation is that they live in the world of 24/7 mass media. They live in the spotlight. Everyone knows what you're up to from your Facebook page. So instead of your thirty friends and family members, 4.2 million YouTube hitters now know the details of your personal life. People in EVERY generation have done crazy stuff, we just didn't see it on the evening news.
    And to be totally fair, our parents and their parents and their parents before them have said the exact same thing about us. Crime is down, we aren't mass killing single groups of people (here anyway), and these kids are all smarter than we are because they've got the best of the best in education. They simply, like many who came before, are choosing not to be smart and keep their crap off the net.
    We have twitter and Facebook and Reddit, and instagram and tumblr and YouTube. You know who didn't have these things? Poland 1944. Rwanda in the nineties. South Africa in the 70's/80's. Afghanistan, Bosnia, Sri Lanka, Iraq, Iran, Thailand, Pakistan, Ukraine, North Korea. Be careful to say how bad we here are compared to places without Justin Bieber fans, parents who don't spank, and kids with access to the greatest depository of knowledge and information mankind has ever had.

  • I'm eager to jump on the America criticizing bandwagon but,

    While I do agree we're generally overly self righteous and unwise, as well as lacking in positive values, run by greed, and capitalism, I can't say it hasn't always been this way. We've always been scrambled and we have always had a crush on the idea of being wealthy. The only time we are ever truly united is in war, and even than, the upper-class make profit and lower class die for that cause. Are we bad, yes, but are we worse, I really can't make that claim.

  • It's a different time not dumber.

    Although people may seem more stupid overall society as a whole is as smart as they should be for societies need. America is incredibly stratified due mostly to labor needs. According to John Dewey we educate the members of our society based on need. As technology has advanced our need for highly intelligent individuals diminished resulting in few jobs that require high technical skills. The result is a class of people who think and a class of people who push a button but I think overall intelligence has stayed about the same if not increased.

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