Do you feel that America is a more active society (yes) or a more lazy and inactive society (no)?

  • Yes, America is an active society

    For the most part, I believe America is an active society. There are more walking tracks, hiking trails, and fitness centers than ever before. There will always be many people who choose inactivity, but they are in the minority. Look at the success of the Zumba fitness classes - they have sprung up everywhere and are always packed. People are realizing that being active not only helps their bodies stay healthy and fit, but also helps their minds stay sharp.

  • How the media affects perception

    In a very broad statement such as America is a active society, many factors come into play. If I lived in a town where a large factory just opened up and 30% of the unemployed in that town now had a job, you would say that town had an active working population and the financial strains on the local and state government would be greatly eased.All because the corporation that built the factory decided to build it in that town. Before the factory had opened the local media would describe the town as financially inactive and living off the state. The description of,specifically, the american society as active or inactive, always depends on the driving force of corporations to provide a job with a living wage.

  • It is an active society

    I would have to say it is an active society due to many reasons, one of the them being its power. A society could not reach Americas level of power if it were a lazy society and not to mention the mere size that it possesses, A lazy society would not be able to make it work.

  • Increasing Sedimentary lifestyles

    Americans and many developed nations are becoming increasingly sedimentary. No longer do we need to walk anywhere. Average Americans can literally walk less than a thousand steps a day. Technology has attributed to this by allow people to communicate and work without having to move much. We drive our car to work, sit at a desk, drive home, and then sit on the couch.

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