• Yes: More Awareness Should be Spread About Molestation at School

    Sexual abuse is a difficult trauma for people to endure, not simply because of the damage created by the actual event, but also because of the stigma attached to being the victim of abuse. Often abuse victims are blamed or not believed. Recognizing the widespread nature of this problem and truly addressing it can start by normalizing discussion of sexual abuse at an early age. Such an approach can also help foster the prevention of this social ill.

  • It's so common.

    Yes, I feel that more awareness should be spread among school children about molestation, because there are so many children that are victims. More children are victimized, by a lot, by molestation, than ever admit it, because the children are afraid and because they have been threatened. Then children need to be empowered.

  • Child Protection is a Top Priority

    Children, almost by definition, are incapable of looking after their own well-being. If someone were to attempt to abuse then, the child may not even know what to look for. This is because young children are not sexually mature and do not understand the ways of predators. Thus, it is important that children are taught what to do when an adult acts suspiciously around them.

  • Yes, more school children should learn about molestation.

    I think that children would learn more about molestation in schools. I think it is important that young children are awared of such crimes just in case they are or know somebody who is a victim of the crime. I think that it should be done with the consent of their parents.

  • No It Shouldn't

    Young children are impressionable and I do not think they should all know the definition of molestation and I do not think it is inherently good to constantly question children about these problems. I think this puts the idea in childrens minds and it has the ability to massively confuse them.

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