Do you feel that movie creators today, don't put as much heart, soul and thought into them as they used to?

Asked by: Genworth_1
  • Yes, I agree.

    In my humble opinion, it seems like filmmaking has become less of an art form and more about creating a product, selling tickets, and making money. I admit that I have sen some great recent films, such as Django Unchained (2012), but most films today seriously lack compelling plots, charismatic characters, and the power to stand the test of time (e.G. The Back-Up Plan, Bride Wars). Hollywood seems to have too much money to waste, very few good ideas, but a plethora of miserably stupid ones.
    However, European cinema - or perhaps foreign cinema in general - seems to reflect that non-American filmmakers have not lost sight of what good filmmaking is about. La Vie en Rose (2007, directed by Olivier Dahan) and The Fall (2006, directed by Tarsem Singh) are a couple of good examples.

  • No I disagree

    Perhaps some movie creators today don't put as much heart, soul and thought into their movies as the one in the past do, but I don't think we should combine the good ones with the bad ones.

    Actually there are many great movies nowadays too. For example, Les Misérables, Lincoln, 12 Years A Slave, Avatar and Slumdog Millionaire. They are recent movies, but they are outstanding too, and it's clearly shown that their creators had put their effort and soul to produce the film.

    On the other hand, I won't believe all the movie creators in the past did pay all their hearts and soul in making the film.

    To be honest, I think we shouldn't compare the two generations of movie creators. Both of the recent and past times had or have good and bad movie creator, and we shouldn't judge all of them just by saying some of them are not good enough.

    Therefore, I disagree that the movie creators today don't put as much heart, soul and thought into their movies as they used to.

  • No. I beg to differ

    While it is undeniable that there are a number of movies that are, quite franking, not worth watching, we can not draw conclusion from only those. Indie movies are a pool of great works from film creators example. They put as much heart as effort into the making of their own movies. Many of them introduce innovative ideas that create phenomenons in film-making histories. I am wholly impressed by linklater who directs and writes 4 of my ultimately favorite movies: Boyhood(2014) and Before sunrise(1994), Before sunset(2004) and Before midnight (2013). He is famous for making use of the flow of time to tell his stories. He dose this same magic trick in Boyhood which has been a bone of contention recently and been said to be a phenomenon. I'd to recommend it to everyone. He is the perfect example for passionate individuals who don't make movie for money but for what his sole passion and desire to make great movies. And he is certainly not alone.

    You feel like few movies are worth watching because out of the ones that can make it to public cinemas, most are crappy ones with crappy plots and an ignorant cast who cares more about profits than the actual quality of what they are featuring in. Now, with globalisaton,because more movies get more worldwide viewing which leads to more profit and due to the majority who simply wants to watch more "easy to understand" movies , the quality of movies has alarmingly deteriorated with so many action-driven, cliches-driven and shallow-minded plots.
    That being said, if you pay close attention you might find movies that prove to be gems among a bunch of rubbish.

    Posted by: Thao

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