Do you feel that our current government makes decisions based on the original vision the Constitution outlined for this country?

  • Yes, for the most part they do.

    Yes, for the most part they do. I think allot of the house senate and executive branch thinks about the constitution allot. I really feel that our government takes the document into consideration allot when they make decisions. I really feel that the constitution if a very honored document in government.

  • I do feel that the current government is making decisions based upon the original vision of the Constitution.

    The actions of the current government, Legislative, Executive and Judicial branches, are based upon the original vision the founding fathers had for the United States. The Constitution was intended to be framework that provided protection to the citizens of the US from an overreaching federal government and to provide for the common defense of the country.

  • I Say "Load of Crap"

    Really? I expected everyone to answer no.
    Do you think that Republicans are looking for a fair vote in elections by trying to limit the voice of the working class?
    Do you think Democrats are trying to squander trillions of US Dollars so people can lead better lives?

    The answer to this question, and many others, is no.

    The most fitting example is guns. Really. When the Founding fathers made the constitution, there weren't serial killers massacering children at elementary schools. People still think 2nd Amendment works.

    There are many other possible arguments. This is only one.

  • Our Government ignores the Constitution

    Our government does not care about the rights of the people. It ignores the Bill of Rights and other constitutional rights when they do not suit their purposes. We have less and less privacy from government intrusion every day. They sell this under the guise of saefty but it is really all about control.

  • We haven't had an administration abide by the constitution since Carter

    Every administration we have seen since Carter has whittled away at the rights codified in the constitution.

    Reagan was the worst. Followed by Bush II, then Obama.

    The Republicans are the main violators, but the Democrats, specifically Obama's administration are nearly as guilty for not repealing the Patriot Act and reeling in the NSA domestic program.

    Obama is a middle of the road conservative masquerading as a Liberal, sadly the right-wing is too xenophobic to realize this, and thus we have political dysfunction.

    Meanwhile, our constitution decays further, and the injustices become accepted and expected.

  • Thomas Jefferson said it best.

    "When governments fear the people, there is liberty. When the people fear the government, there is tyranny. The strongest reason for the people to retain the right to keep and bear arms is, as a last resort, to protect themselves against tyranny in government."

    The government no longer fears the people, the voting system is severely flawed, and the government has gotten so big that many people are actually reliant on it to survive. The original idea of government was simply to protect the peoples' rights and liberties. Now, no one can accept personal responsibility for anything and wants the government to solve all of their problems in order to live in a nanny state. They know this and pass laws to able themselves to "better protect your security", but are really for their own benefit (mostly monetary).

    Have you ever noticed that there is no way the government can ever "increase your security" unless you relinquish some of your liberties? Taking our liberties completely goes against the entire foundation of our government/constitution, so no, the government does not make decisions based on the original vision of the constitution. If that were the case things like the gun debate would never even make it to the table.

  • No, and good thing too.

    The constitution was made for another society in another age. If the government followed the constitution to a T, we would never have seen extremely important legislation like the Civil Rights Act. It would've been ideal to amend the constitution instead, but I'd rather us break it than be bound by it.

  • Not for a while

    For the longest time frame in our history the government has been more hell bent on ignoring the constitution than actually enforcing and obeying it. An example, Obama not submitting a budget for 5 years, a violation of the law, his attack on guns, violation of our 2nd amendment rights.

  • Not at all

    We don't see them making decisions based on what is best for the people anymore. The government makes decisions based on who has the most money, who has the most influence, and who will benefit them the most. It hasn't been about "we the people" for quite some time now.

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