Do you feel that your bank is doing an adequate job of protecting your finances and information?

  • Yes, they are

    I feel that the banks are going an adequate job of protecting my finances and information as they are providing a great service for free and they are trying to limit any attacks or hacks that occur to their systems. They provide you with alerts when things happen on your account that shouldn't be

  • Yes, my bank always has special security when I access my online account

    Whenever I log into my bank account online, I am always notified that I am logging into a safe and secure browser.Even if someone was trying to hack into my account they would be notified and my account would be disabled until the threat was gone.They also make sure that users change there password very often, which helps todecrease the likelihood of your account being hacked.

  • The use of online banking and telephone support shows the security of my bank.

    If fraud appears on my account, I will receive an update and a phone call with regards to whether or not my purchase, or supposed purchase is justified or not. They are very hands on and very helpful in these situations. And in most cases, will refund all money that is lost if justified.

  • Yes, they have several methods to ensure safety of personal information.

    I feel that my particular financial institution does an adequate job of protecting my financial information as I have not had any hacks come through them. They have several different security measures in order to keep my money and my information safe. Within the last 2 years they have also updated some certain aspects of security in order to update and improve their systems.

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