Do you feel the mess of the Gulf Coast oil spill will be cleaned up within 12 months time?

  • The gulf oil mess should be cleaned up as fast as possible to save the wildlife and the ocean.

    The gulf oil spill was such a mess and the B.P. company should do whatever it takes to clean it up as fast as possible by employing as many people as needed to do a faster job. This will not only employ people but it will save the environment and animal life along the coast. The oil company needs to pay the employees for their work cause it was their mess they cleaned up. There is no reason this shouldn't be done before a 12 month cycle. Tourist season is coming up and it should be done before then.

    Posted by: darialovers
  • The massive contamination caused by the oil spill will not be so easily cleaned up because not enough manpower is being devoted to the process with the correct methods.

    The business is trying to rectify the oil spill situation, but they are spending entirely too much time publicizing their cleanup and not enough on the actual act of the cleanup. Also they clearly need to find an efficient way to clean the mess, as they continue to change techniques.

    Posted by: WeaverEmmi
  • Yes, if the conditions are right, the oil might be dispersed, although cleaned up might not be the right words for it.

    I believe that if the conditions are right in the Gulf, as in if there are wind conditions like hurricanes in the region over the next few months, it could hasten the disparagement of the oil spill out over a greater area, which would, in effect, help to clean it up. It would break up the spill to a certain extent and, although it could make a more widespread area affected by the spill, it would still help by having it less confined to one area. It would speed up the process, so that if those conditions came to be, it could be gone in 12 months.

    Posted by: PinkMych
  • Seeing that this has already eclipsed the worst spill ever, it is only a matter of time.

    There are so many different options that can result in successfully stopping the oil from continuing to pour out. Once the oil is stopped, the cleanup will be similar to the Exxon Valdez. It will take awhile for the ecosystem to get back to normal, but the spill itself should be cleaned up.

    Posted by: myn
  • The Gulf Oil Spill will not be cleaned up in 12 months.

    The large amount of oil spilled in the Gulf will not be able to be cleaned up fully, at all. We will have to wait for nature to run its course and try to repair the damage. Although human efforts may stop after twelve months, the recovery will certainly take decades.

  • Current scientific exploration has proved the Gulf waters are not yet cleaned up or recovered from the spill.

    BP will never be able to clean up the Gulf because they will never be willing to admit the extent of damage done by the spill. They ignore the independent scientific evidence of damage much deeper than originally thought. BP's solution of throwing money at the victims of the spill will be enough for our government, and that will be the end of it.

    Posted by: EweIICist
  • The Gulf Coast oil spill caused more of a mess than is possible to clean up within 12 months, and some of that mess that is not even visible to us at all.

    The Gulf Coast oil spill had long-reaching consequences and "cleaning up the mess" involves far more than just clearing the oil from the water. The oil affected animals, plant life, coral reefs, shorelines, and humans. The impact is huge and may take centuries to clean up. I also think that eventually this story will no longer be front page news and, because of that, efforts to clean up the mess will decrease.

    Posted by: SpitefulChi
  • I don't think any oil spill, including the Gulf Coast oil spill, will ever be totally clean, because the effects are irreversible.

    Once we have a disaster, such as the Gulf Coast oil spill and other oil spills, the effects are damaging forever. There is no way that everything can be cleaned, especially when water, plant and animal life are threatened. We have no idea how damaging the future effects of these oil spills will be. We are messing with our Earth at an alarming rate, and it leaves one to wonder if anything will ever be clean again.

    Posted by: PointlessElbert47
  • I disagree that the mess will be cleaned up in 12 months, because it is too large an area, and there is too much we cannot reach.

    According to Wikipedia, the Gulf of Mexico is 615,000 square miles, contains around 660 quadrillion gallons of water and, at its deepest, reaches 14,383 feet. The U.S. coastline, itself, is approximately 3,540 miles long. Even if we assume that the oil, of which the quantity is still in dispute, that was spilled was completely confined within the Gulf of Mexico, this area is far too vast for even current technology to completely clean up all remnants of the oil. Given the fact that we could not even directly access the site where the oil was leaking, it is unlikely we will even be able to locate, much less remove, any remaining oil. Furthermore, we have no way of knowing whether oil from this spill might have drifted off in to other areas. Since we cannot even define the problem, how do we solve it?

    Posted by: LudicrousJasper63
  • I do not agree that the Gulf Coast oil spill will be cleaned up within 12 months time, because the damage is too huge.

    I do not agree that the Gulf Coast oil spill will be cleaned up within 12 months time, because the damage is too huge. With a catastrophe that went on for a month, the currents took that oil elsewhere. Then, that oil will affect other places. If we do clean up the oil only, we still have the residual effects of the spill.

    Posted by: SecondNoel50
  • I do not think that the Gulf will be cleaned up within the next 12 months, nor do I believe that anyone can make that guarantee or promise.

    The spill in the Gulf was an unprecedented event and, because of that, their is no way to tell how long the clean up will take. There is no other event to compare this to and, therefore, no way of knowing the long-term effects. I think that the Gulf has been permanently damaged in some areas, and we will not see these effects until years from now. I would hesitate to believe anyone who made a promise or guaranteed that this can be accomplished in a period of one year.

    Posted by: UnsuitableRigoberto99
  • The Gulf Coast oil spill mess will take much longer than 12 months to clean up, because it has damaged such a huge area.

    While the oil spill may have been contained, it has still caused permanent damage to many eco-systems around the Gulf Coast. These cannot be easily cleaned up in 12 months. Yes, the oil itself may be cleaned, but not the residual effects from the oil, which are just as damaging.

    Posted by: TMacias
  • I do not believe that a mess like that can be cleaned up in so little time.

    There was a lot of damage done by the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico. For someone to put a time frame on the clean up process is pointless. Many animals were hurt and killed.

    Posted by: lacedjeans
  • No I do not think the Gulf Coast oil spill will be cleaned up within a year.

    I do not feel the Gulf Coast oil spill will be cleaned up within a year. The spill went on for over a month if I recall correctly. It seems to be with the currents in the ocean spreading the oil around it will be a wide ranged problem. The spill will probably take much longer than a year to completely clean up.

    Posted by: TickoCa22

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