Do you feel the Womens World Cup is just as popular as men's sporting events?

  • Womens World Cup is as popular as men's sporting events.

    You hear talk about both men and women's events. I think it should be that way,one is just as important as the other. Both play well in their chosen sports and it is good to hear about the women's and the men's sporting events and the results of the games in which they participated in.

  • Womens World Cup

    In my opinion I do believe that the Womens World Cup is just as popular as men's sporting events. The reason I feel this way is because women work just as hard to play sports as the men do. I enjoy watching women sports for many reasons but the main reason I enjoy watching womens sports is because it is very entertaining to watch the anger and aggression come out of some of these women. Another reason I believe its just as popular is because if you watch on TV or watch in person the stands are full of fans just like they are at any mens game.

  • Hell nah bruh.

    Woman's sports are a sham. I laugh watching them run around thinking they can play sports because a girl at the highest level is not even in the same ballpark as guy at his lowest level. Men will always be superior when it comes to sports. Sorry dude, women aren't dope.

  • It simply isn't

    Most people watch men's sporting events, yet not nearly as many are interested in women's sports, much less avidly follow them. While this may change in the future, nothing indicates that women's sports ever will become as popular, or remotely popular, as men's sports. All signs point to male sports remaining king.

  • Women's World Cup is second-rate

    The Women's World Cup simply isn't as popular as its male companion, the Actual World Cup. Hundreds of millions tune in to watch the male teams play a game of soccer, but relatively few tune in to watch the ladies go at it--let alone fly across the world to watch in person.

  • Women's sporting events are not as popular as men's sporting events

    Men have come to dominate the sports world and only recently have women's sports gained some national attention, yet women's sports still struggle to be popular. The WNBA is not nearly as popular as the NBA, averaging only 6,000 people in attendance while the NBA's average attendance per game is 17,000.

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