Do you feel through the interaction with Facebook and other media social nets that we're heading towards world peace?

Asked by: MasterOpposer
  • Well, maybe after...

    The inevitable near-collapse of our society.

    Opinions are less specific to each country and region than ever before, meaning people are more likely to disagree with the ways of their country. The mix of so much different opinion in one place really brings out democracy's many flaws.

    But maybe, once we get used to it, we'll realise that overly strict and closed governmental control is a prime reason we're unable to simply provide everyone the freedom they need to live peacefully.

  • Yes, it helps people talk.

    Yes, the interaction with Facebook and other medial social networking helps with world peace, because it helps people communicate with and understand people in other countries. If someone is devastated by war or by a natural disaster, they can share their experience with people all over the world. It brings us together.

  • Everyone's message counts at Facebook because every message pertains or relates to at least one person. We're heading in the direction of everyone counts!

    Albert Einstein said:

    "Everything that can be counted does not necessarily count; everything that counts cannot necessarily be counted."

    We all count on Facebook because one message is all it takes for one person to relate with. So we all have a message that at least one person can pertain to.

  • Not as much as we should

    Once people figured out that the Internet could be used for other things other than email, arguments and drama have become a fad. There are many websites that try to advertise protection acts and anti bullying campaigns, but in the end, when people have something to say, they will say it. And maybe someday world peace will be resolved, but I don't think the Internet will be the sole source.

  • World Peace or "World Pace" - the pace (speed) everyone is expected to go these days (daze) "?" ??

    I don't know about "World peace" fitting into some of this - a little homework to do I suppose. So many people have their faces into all these gadgets, etc. I see people sitting side by side or together - they don't seem to talk to each other anymore. Can't be without your "stuff" these days. It works for some people but it's not for everyone. I find myself gradually pulling away from it. I like a lot of the "Old School" ways - I'm re-learning them again thanks to a good friend - she keeps reminding me. The people I care about - I know where they are and how to get in touch with them. It seems that everyone is "expected" to conform to life this way ... I often wonder how long this "Novelty" phase will last until people get burnt out on typing, TEXTing, etc. What will happen to their VISION being used like that all the time - that is something I feel some concern about. I am having vision issues being on computers - BIGGER PRINT (I'm not shouting !!!). All this "Gotta have" stuff is kinda crazy. I live beside a Salvation Army Thrift Store - what a waste seeing all the old computers and all those monster TV's being tossed for recycling. It's so sad - so much money that all these cost when they were new. Gotta have the new stuff - keep spending money that we don't really have (a lot of people) so it seems. I've observed for many years now - the new stuff seems to get outdated so fast, and it's going too fast now. Who can keep up, not to mention the invasion of Privacy "?" ?? Gotta cover our butts in every direction now ... "?" ...

  • What kind of question is that?

    Of course not, the world is probably more violent than ever, especially with governments grabbing more and more power from the people. With tensions rising everywhere, specifically the Asia Pacific, I don't know how that conclusion would be reached. Not to mention the NSA spying on everyone, even US citizens! I honestly do not think that there will ever be world peace, it's not in our human nature.

  • Fights and rumors

    I do not believe that Facebook is steering us In any way towards world peace. Facebook seems to be causing fights online. Facebook has also been used for cyber bullying and embarrassment.Many people under the age of 14 seem to be having Facebook accounts themselves. Thus I do not support the opinion of Facebook causing world peace.

  • No. Just no.

    Anyone who thinks Facebook is going to lead to world peace obviously hasn't used Facebook enough.

    Fifty words is too much. Fifty words is too much. Fifty words is too much. Fifty words is too much. Fifty words is too much. Fifty words is too much. Fifty words is too much.

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