• Wikipedia is NOT the World

    While Wikipedia is a great place to get initial information about a topic it is not the best place to get the most accurate and in depth information. It is over-utilized in this manner. The convenience allows for us to think it is the best, but any "encyclopedia" that allows anyone to edit it can't have the best critical information in it.

  • Yes, It's overused.

    Whenever I look up a random subject, There's almost always a Wikipedia article on it. While that isn't necessarily bad, I still believe there could be some improvements. While most of the information given is somewhat credible, People can write just about anything on the website, Whether it be true or not. I feel like improvements could be made if people who write those articles could be certified and reliable people rather than an anonymous blogger.

  • Changing the way we learn

    Wikipedia is giving us a lot of dense factoids without showing us the whole picture, providing little tidbits of information gleaned from tremendous volumes of history and making everyone think they are experts because they have the world at their fingertips, but nobody is actually taking the effort to do comprehensive research of their own.

  • Wikipedia is overused.

    Wikipedia is over-utilized. This is because it is a free resource that is put together by volunteers. The content is occasionally questionable. While it is better to use Wikipedia than nothing, it is still much better to use official encyclopedias for research purposes. Students need to learn the difference in source quality.

  • I think its over used

    I think there are better reference pages that people can use,but wiki can be used as a secondary source. I have issues, mainly trust with this site. I think people can mislead or use data to throw off the person who writing the paper or doing the research on it. I hope its reviewed more than I think.

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