• Stick to Journalism

    Barbara Walters is often too opinionated on television, but that's what gets rating when she speaks on "The View" and when she does interviews. Walters is getting old and should probably stick to regular journalism for the time being. She may be too fragile for the daily grind of a morning talk show.

  • No I don't find Barbara Walters too opinionated.

    I personally don't find Barbara Walters, creator of the ABC show The View, to be too opinionated. Without doubt she has opinions and is not afraid to share them, but typically her opinions are well developed and factually sound. Ms. Walters experience as a news anchor allows her to offer insight from different point of view than the main stream public.

  • She is just on television.

    No, I do not find Barbara Walters too opinionated, because it only appears that way because she has a television show where she gets to state her opinion. She also shares the show with several other women, so her opinions are not even all that overbearing. She is just another television personality with a job to do.

  • A great anchor

    No, I do not think that Barbara Walters is too opinionated at all. She is a great reporter, that has been doing her job very well for a long time. She does not voice her opinions when reporting, but instead simply reads what is written in front of her and planned.

  • A solid journalist

    Barbara Walters is a fairly good journalist, and she is well liked and trusted by the American people in general. Barbara Walters has been on the air for decades and has never had really any serious claims made against her in terms of being too opinionated or presenting things unevenly.

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