Do you find black entertainment entertaining?

Asked by: Adam2
  • Only the classic shows

    If we are referring to only shows from the past, then I agree that they are entertaining. Television shows with a majority black cast today aren't as entertaining as they were before the 90s. The shows today have been moving away from having a point or a purpose and entering into dumb dialogue sessions. The show that is pictured, Good Times, was a very popular show and portrayed some of the things the black culture experienced. Now, there are shows like Black-ish and Black Jesus that insults the culture... Those type of shows degrade the culture and are not entertaining.

  • Ehh, maybe it's just I don't understand

    I don't hate blacks at all, I guess it's just I can't relate to black entertainment that much. I don't care for it honestly. I never was fond of black movies or shows. It's not my kinda thing. I'm Hispanic btw. So yeah, what do you think, guys? Thank you in advance.

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