Do you find China's recent increase in their military threatening?

Asked by: Sciguy
  • China's becoming more threatening as time progress'.

    China was already one of the largest military in the world and for some reason is expanding their military. China is becoming a threat not only to its neighbors but to the United States.

    China is preparing for war and it is becoming ever more likely that the Chinese will not be attacking its neighboring countries but rather the United States. Have no thoughts that we will have a nuclear bomb dropped on us, however rather expect to be invaded the old fashioned way by China military forces.

    Having a nuclear bomb be dropped on the U.S by the CCP would not be good economically for what ever they would have wanted previously before I-day would have been lost due to the nuclear blasts. All of the major agricultural, industrial and population areas would have been synificatly damaged and a total loss for the Chinese.

    Should the Chinese declare war on the U.S then the following countries may as well.

    -Peoples Democratic Republic of North Korea

    and that is just few likely ones, but should North Korea declare war on us solely alone then China, though they are allies, would not follow into a war with the radical state.

    Now will this happen anytime soon? Most likely not, but it is something to think about.

    Why would the Chinese ruin what they have? They have a rising GDP that will likely surpass the United States by the year 2021.

    Take into consideration however, how desperate the Chinese are with their near collapse and imminent collapse of the Chinese Stock Market. What lengths will they go for?

    With their rise in military and political influence in Asia to their sudden hostility to their neighbors in the south east, China is becoming ever more threatening to national security.

  • The US hasn't quite gotten useless yet

    The US millitary is still the best in the world. The worries about other contries is that they are starting to catch up, not that they are starting to surpass. Not only that, but China loves having the US so far in debt. It means that they will have a steady influx of cash for the forseeable future. With the cost of a massive war and their already massive cost of living, a war would be terrible for both sides, and China is smart enough to know that we should stay economic adversaries, not imperial ones.

  • China is neutral

    I'd like to say that China is neutral, and will NOT be blowing anyone up unless threatened. The chinese have enough honour to not go around waving guns and waging war on every single country they come across. I mean, just look at their war history. Not once have they attacked another country because they just felt like it, but it was only because China's safety was threatened.

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