Do you find closet racists to be dumb and annoying?

Asked by: Adam2
  • I respect open racists a lot more, though I hate

    I hate those types who hate other races but likes things of those races they hate. Those people are beneith me honestly. I find those people so dumb I want to punch them just for being annoying. A real racist I can respect. But one of these types I can't, cause they're so stupid. Especially if the person hates black people but love black music. Now that is dumb!

  • They can have whatever opinion they want.

    To start, I am incredibly xenophobic. However, ever since I learned aliens are running around, I turned that xenophobia outward. Now I hate aliens. Unless you're trying to shove your ideology in my face and you will just keep at it, I could care less who you are.
    Do I dislike people because they're different?
    All the time, but I shut up and work with them because I can put petty differences behind me.
    Am I prejudiced?
    Very much so, but as before, I'm willing to work with other people.

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